Month: April 2019

The 10 World’s Most Healthy Kitchens

Everyone is becoming more aware of the importance of proper nutrition. Find the inspiration from around the world to put you in the mood for healthy eating with our guide to the healthiest cuisines in the world, showing that health can also be delicious. Chad Chad and other African countries are among the wealthiest countries regarding diet.

Technological Advancements to Propel the Brain Monitoring Market

The functioning of the brain is extremely complex. Therefore, various types of tools are available to assess different parts and features of the brain and track their activities. These brain monitoring tools include electroencephalography (EEG) devices, magnetoencephalography, and intracranial pressure monitors. There are also devices that measure aspects of brain function such as sleep patterns,

How to Get Rid of Those Loove Handles

We have all heard about ‘Loove handles’- it is a tongue in cheek phrase and a play on the term ‘love handles’ and it’s potentially a very serious health condition. Love handles are those unsightly fatty deposits that gather around your waist. They don’t look healthy and they are not healthy. The good news is