Month: February 2020

Blue Light Effect On Human Eyes

Blue light is the visible light spectrum, having the shortest wavelength and highest energy level. This light is similar to the UV light. Blue light has both beneficial and harmful effects. Here we are discussing some significant side effects of blue light.   Side Effects Of Blue Light Some of the significant side effects of

Waterborne Disease and its Common Types

Diseases which occurs due to the consumption of contaminated water is considered as a waterborne disease. Drinking water quality of India is very inferior because it contains various types of pollutant and you know that the consumption of polluted water causes waterborne diseases. Water contains dissolved solids such as organic & inorganic compounds and biological

Some Truth About Menstruation Cycle Or Periods

Menstruation cycle or periods occur every month in the female. Because the female body flushes out unfertilized egg cell through the reproductive part. In this process female experience discharge of blood & musical tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. Menstruation occurs at an interval of one month hence it is regarded