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If you’re looking for your child, then ivf (In-vitro fertilization) technology can be the boon for you. In IVF technology professional take out the egg cell of the female and sperm cell of the male and allow them to fuse outside the body in the laboratory under controlled environmental condition. After the fertilization, the fertilized egg cell is placed inside the womb of the female. IVF process is also known as a test tube baby. In this post, you will find a list of IVF center in India along with their phone number & website.

If a couple is not able to conceive a child even after the unprotected intercourse then IVF technology can help them to have their child. It is stated that more than 6.5 million children have been born by using IVF technology. According to the CDC, i.e., Center For Disease Control & Prevention, every year more than 1.6% child born through In-vitro Fertilization (ivf).

When to visit the IVF Center?

You must be thinking about when should do you visit IVF center, or it may be costly but this process is, and nothing is more expensive than having a child. So if you’re or your loved one is not able to achieve baby, then you should visit an IVF center. There is some more reason which is listed below:

  • Blockage & damaging in the fallopian tube. A fallopian tube is a junction where natural fertilization takes place.
  • Due to the abnormalities in the sperm cell or decreases in the sperm cell count or problem with the sperm mortality.
  • When women have removed their fallopian tube
  • Due to some unexplained Infertility
  • The problem in Ovulation or premature ovarian failure

List of IVF Centers

Hospital Name Website Contact Number
Max Health Care DELHI-NCR: 011-40554055,

MOHALI: 0172-665 2666,

DEHRADUN: 0135-667 3666

BATHINDA: 0164-660 1666

Hiranandani Hospital 022-25763500 & 022 71023500
Iswarya Women’s Hospital & Fertility Centre 044-6171 2683
Avaya IVF & Surrogacy 011-3923 7365
IVF Spring Fertility Centre +91-9920095500
Apollo Hospital National- 1860-500-1066


Indira IVF Center New Patient- +917665009014

Old Patient- +917665009015

Bloom Fertility Centre 9711204025
Nova IVF Centre 1800-103-2229
Medicover Fertility 8588807271
Pulse Women’s Hospital 079-26422626
Virk Center Mobile: 91-98140-37738

Mobile: 91-82838-35099

Shivani Fertility & Mother Care 9828037529

I hope this post will help you to find out the best IVF center in India. IVF generally performed by the medical professional. This process is complete in five steps, and these steps are suppuration of the menstrual cycle, superovulation, Egg Retrieving, Fertilization & Insemination, and embryo transfer. IVF process is straightforward and widely accepted around the world for having a child. To know more about IVF technology visit the website as mentioned above or ask your doctor.

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