Things To Check Before Renting A Cab

When you are on a road trip, rental cabs are lifesavers. Thanks to the age of the internet, you can book a rental cab even before you land in a city. Rental cabs are the best way to explore a new city. Unlike a rental Car, a Cab comes with added benefits. Of course, you don’t have to drive yourself and can devote all your energy to enjoy the scenic views, but the perks of a rental cab do not end here. To hire your cab with a special discount, rental cabs coupons available on our website. These rental cabs coupons are valid throughout popular cab-renting chains. However, there are certain things that you need to check before you rent a cab for your trip. Keep reading to explore more.

  • Choose a comfortable car

While selecting a car, give priority to comfort over style or any other thing. You are going to spend a lot of time in that cab for the next several days. It’s important that the journey is comfortable, especially if you have children/ babies with you. Make sure the A.C. works, the seats are clean and soft, there’s ample leg space, and the seats are large.

  • Don’t keep things hanging for the last minute

It’s a wise idea to book your rental cab beforehand. If you have any special request (baby seats in the car/ driver must speak English etc.), it is best that you talk to the rental cab services beforehand so that they too get the time to make such special arrangements for you. Advanced bookings are also good for the pockets because you can avail rental cab coupons for some extra discount. Also, booking beforehand will allow you more time to search for alternatives if one agency does not work.

  • Know your driver

Your cab driver is going to be your best friend for your whole trip. To make sure you have a happy and safe journey, free from any unnecessary hassle, get acquainted with your driver.  Make sure both of you speak at least one common language. It will save you lots of confusions in the future. Also politely ask to check for your driver’s photo identity cards and valid driver’s license. Keep your attitude professional and friendly, respect your driver’s boundaries and don’t make any unwarranted request that will get him (and yourself) in trouble. Your driver knows the city by the first-hand experience a lot better than you do by reading articles on the internet. It’s advisable that you trust on your driver’s judgments throughout the trip.

  • Purchase insurance

Purchase insurance for your rental cab. It will save you loads of bucks; god forbid any unpleasant situation arises. By using rental cabs coupons, you can get a discount on the insurance charges too.

  • Pay attention to booking time

Most cab rental services have fixed booking timings like hotels. You must be aware of it. Overtime charges are much higher. If you want to save your money, plan your trip according to the cab rental timings.

  • Damages in exterior/interior

When you are allotted a cab with a driver for the first time, your first duty will be to check the interior and exterior of the car thoroughly. Check for any dents/ scratches in the exterior and torn seat covers or any other kinds of damages in the interior. Upon finding any such damages, attract the rental service manager’s attention towards them so that in future you are not penalized for those. However, since you have a driver with you to drive you through, you are less likely to be held responsible for exterior damages in the rented cab, but for the interior, they might still hold you responsible. So it’s better that you make a list of the interior damages of the car yourself and get it authorized from the rental service so that they don’t demand damage money later and you get your full security deposit back.

  • GPS working- decide on your route

Though you are not primarily responsible for checking whether the in-car GPS is working or not, it’s suggested that you do. No matter how experienced your driver is or how well-acquainted he is with the route, a little bit of extra caution does not hurt. So before boarding the cab make sure that the GPS device is in working condition.

Decide on refuel spots and parking spots beforehand

Or you might lose precious time on-road or end up paying a large amount of money on parking fees. It’s advisable that you plan these details with your driver before you start your journey. Unscheduled stops will waste a lot of your time. Make sure when you begin your journey you have a full tank. After that, only stop for refueling at pre-decided spots. Same goes for parking. Park your cab only at proper parking spots. Rental cabs coupons can also be used for paying the parking fees. So grab a few before you start your journey and don’t forget to use them as much as you can.

  • Safe drive- check seatbelts, obey traffic rules

Last but not least, make sure you have a safe journey. Always fasten your seatbelts, check whether all the safety features in your car are working or not, and maintain in-car decorum and rules, ask your travel companions to do so too. Ask your driver to follow the traffic rules and not to use phones while driving. Try not to engage in any conflict, verbal or otherwise, with your driver. An upset driver can be detrimental to your trip.

So, hiring a cab comes with a lot of benefits over hiring a rental car that you drive yourself. A rental cab reduces your responsibilities to a bare minimum so that you can roam around the city without a headache. After all, who doesn’t want to party all night and drink to their heart’s content while in a vacation? When you have to think about driving a car, you certainly cannot do that. With your hired driver, you are free to do just about anything you like (well, not anything illegal of course!). Using rental cabs coupons are also a great way to go since it can reduce your rental cost significantly. Grab your free rental cabs coupons here before you plan your next road trip. Bon, voyage!


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