How to Make Your Gift Box Truly A Unique Piece


Gift is a very important part of human life. It plays a great rule in developing strong and good relations with others. A gift is important to make someone feel special. We give and receive gifts on any occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, parties and so on. A gift can express your feeling and it helps you to show your love for someone. Gifts are incomplete without gift boxes. A unique and eye-catching gift box increases the value of the gift and makes it more memorable and appreciable.

Importance of Gift Box

We know the importance of gift. It plays a very positive rule in our lives. We give and receive gifts and feel happy and special. The gift is a sign of love. Some people don’t know the importance of the gift box. Gift boxes are also very important because they provide protection and security to gifts. A gift pack gives a unique outlook so, we can’t deny its importance. It should be unique and eye-catching. It must be strong to provide safety to gift item and to keep that item in a good shape.

Ideas to Make Gift Box Unique

  • Paper wrapping

There are many types of papers. A gift box can be wrapped in a paper. You can use any design according to your choice. Some papers are very shiny, some have prints, same have different pictures so, and the choice of paper is yours. A paper wrapping can give a decent and smooth look to your gift package. You can also use shinny clothes to wrap your box in a unique way. Many companies are providing different material of wrapping for custom gift packaging.

  • Do Some Painting

Colors bring happiness in life. A printed gift package can easily drag the attention of your friends. You can draw any design like flowers, hearts, stars or any pictures and if you are arranging a gift for a kid, you can make cartoon characters on it that can attract kid and make your gift more interesting and memorable. Then color the package in different colors. You can also follow the theme color of your event.  Glitter colors can also be used to give a shiny look to your gift box.

  • Embellish with Ribbons and laces

A decent and unique gift box is always decor with lace or ribbon. A small piece of ribbon or lace gives a traditional look to your gift pack and makes it more beautiful with a soft outlook. A silky ribbon gives a royal look and enhances the grace of boxes. These laces and ribbons are easily available in the market at cheap cost. They are available in many colors and designs.

  • Design with Stones and beads

Small stones and colorful beads can help to make your gift box as a unique piece. You can attach small stones and beads in any style. You can make boundaries with stones to make the package beautiful for the gift. Beads are usually available at home. Broken jewelry and old clothes also have such stones and beads and they can be used as well.

  • Cute Tags and mini labels

Sometime we need to express our love through words. For this, you can attach small tags or labels on your gift packaging. on these tags, you can write any line that can express your feeling or any message for your loved one. Tags can be made at home with a chart paper, cardboard or wood or can be purchased from the market easily. You can also use a ribbon to attach tags with gift box.

  • Colorful Bow and Buttons:

Bow and colorful buttons are also very interesting ideas for gift decoration.  Bows can be made with cloths and paper. Old useless clothes can provide different buttons. So, it’s a very cheap but interesting idea to make a gift packing more unique and joyful.

  • Choose Picture Pasting

This is a unique idea and can make your gift box more memorable and interesting. You can paste any picture on the gift box that relates to that person for whom you are arranging that gift. It makes that person feel very happy and recalls the old memories with him.

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