When the Damp Basement was Transformed

During a basement renovation, a worn and damp basement was transformed into a good living room, guest toilet, weight room, laundry room, and utility room. The old Virum bricklayer’s villa from 1937 had been renovated on the first floor and on the ground floor, as the family of two adults and one child also decided

Six Major Types of T-Shirts for Men

Most men love to keep it simple when it comes to their attire. This is one of the reasons they can’t part away from their beloved t-shirts. While some men choose just one style of t-shirt, others like to try various styles depending on their mood and the occasion. Not only are t-shirts simple and

The 10 World’s Most Healthy Kitchens

Everyone is becoming more aware of the importance of proper nutrition. Find the inspiration from around the world to put you in the mood for healthy eating with our guide to the healthiest cuisines in the world, showing that health can also be delicious. Chad Chad and other African countries are among the wealthiest countries regarding diet.