When the Damp Basement was Transformed

damp basement

During a basement renovation, a worn and damp basement was transformed into a good living room, guest toilet, weight room, laundry room, and utility room.

The old Virum bricklayer’s villa from 1937 had been renovated on the first floor and on the ground floor, as the family of two adults and one child also decided to swing the renovation saddle over the old, worn-out cellar room.

The basement was at that time moist and could only be used as a laundry room and for storing tools, paint residues and the like.

The family had a great desire to have the 1st floor more like a private zone. But since the ground floor did not contain a bathroom, the guests had to go to the private room to use the toilet.

Until the project basement renovation was a reality.

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Extensive drainage provides a better indoor climate in the basement

To get the 90 square meter basement completely dry, the craftsmen began digging one meter out of the house to lay drainage. It made the basement dry, and the air and smell much better ‘down under’. And then the work went on inside

The uneven walls were cleaned up. There were tiles on the floor, felt on the walls and painted. The cellar’s old décor with various shelves and cabinets with paint buckets and tools, a callable bathtub and a worn-out guy was replaced with new Ikea cabinets, a walled shower cubicle and a brand new guy

During the basement renovation, pipes and drains were hidden for the sake of aesthetics

The basement’s washroom, which before appeared worn and with rusty drain pipes, turned into a lovely room with large steel sink, a raised washing machine, and hidden pipes and drains.

The Bruchenichen was walled in the glass building blocks in the top three rows so that the daylight now flows into the bath, which additionally receives light from electric spots in the ceiling.

Finally, the old toilet was renovated so that the family today can send needy guests in the basement without a guilty conscience. Both shower and toilet had light-activated ventilation installed.

Craftsmen and do it yourself

Half of the project was made by professional craftsmen, while the family accounted for the other half of the work. Among other things. They could even isolate water and heat pipes, as well as polishing the walls.

However, the construction was not straightforward. Along the way, the craftsmen and the family had to remove and then re-establish an otherwise newly built terrace of granite stone to be able to dig out and drain. But the extra work was worth taking because, in the end, the gain is great.

Guest-free zone on the first room

With the basement renovation, the basement fits the rest of the house in terms of style and style. And the family can now safeguard the privacy of the first room while guests are allowed to live in the living room.

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