Six Major Types of T-Shirts for Men

six major sized t-shirt

Most men love to keep it simple when it comes to their attire. This is one of the reasons they can’t part away from their beloved t-shirts. While some men choose just one style of t-shirt, others like to try various styles depending on their mood and the occasion. Not only are t-shirts simple and modest, but also the most comfortable attire. These are a must-have in every men’s wardrobe either as formal wear or a casual wear. But only a handful of men are aware of the types of t-shirts available in the market. So here are some of the basic and significant kinds of t-shirts for Men.

Graphics T-shirt

graphics t-shirt

The most loved of all, graphic t-shirts are t-shirts with graphic prints. The prints can range from cartoons, slogans, interesting fonts, quotes, bold prints, images, and stylistic illustrations. They go well with blue jeans and matching sneakers. The love for these t-shirts can be seen by the number of youths flaunting graphics t-shirts. The combination of a graphic t-shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers are famous around the world and gives the wearer a youthful vibe.

Polo T-shirt

polo t-shirt

Polo t-shirts can be worn for most of the events and fist almost every body type. Whether it is a formal event or a casual get-together, polo t-shirts are the first choice of outfit. It gives a better body lift, especially for the upper torso. This gives completes the look effortlessly. This t-shirt has a fantastic moisture management system, thus keeping you cool and dry throughout. This factor makes it a very popular choice amongst the golfers.

Hooded T-shirt

hooded t-shirt

As the name suggests, hooded t-shirts come with an attached hood. Hoodies, as these tees are also known as, are more preferred during the winters and give a youthful touch to your look. Hooded t-shirts have been in trend since ages and have never gone out of vogue due to its style and the practical functionalities they provide. This type of t-short needs no special embellishments and looks fantastic with faded jeans. Men also prefer hooded t-shirts as it protects them from the breezy weather and the scorching sun.

Striped T-shirt

striped t-shirt

Striped t-shirts have always been everybody’s soft corner regardless of gender. It gives a classic look and elegance like no other and is undoubtedly a trendsetter. It is worth mentioning that vertical stripes give you a slimmer look than the vertical ones. Use this point while purchasing a striped t-shirt depending on your body type. Pair it with shorts for a casual look and with black jeans or chinos for a formal look.

Pocket T-shirt

pocket t-shirt

Pocket t-shirts come with pockets and offer practical advantages as well as the style benefits. This t-shirt canbe combined with almost anything and can still look great and fresh. Favourite among the office goers, pocket t-shirts has never gone out of the market as it suits men of all age groups.

Crew Neck T-shirt

crew neck t-shirt

Probably one of the oldest trendsetters, you can spot at least three men wearing crew neck t-shirts in a group of five. The essence of this t-shirt is that it gives a better proportioned and broader appearance to the chest. This is why men with small chests prefer this t-shirt. Crew neck t-shirts are highly adaptable and versatile.

These are some of the most popular t-shirts which can style a man. Many portals cater to the need of men’s t-shirts at reasonable prices. Some even provide designer t-shirts for men online at attractive discounts. Know your body type and browse through the wide range of collection to select the one which suits you the most.

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