5 Warning Signs Your Skin Care Routine Is Damaging Your Skin

The promise of a glowing, healthy skin is enough for most individuals to place all their monetary resources on the line to achieve the outcome that appears in one’s favourite magazines. In the midst of the excitement and the euphoria of shopping, they often purchase skin products that fail to collaborate with their skin. However, the high price of such products lingers in their heads as they keep using the product until they feel that it is now at the stage of being worth the high price.

In contrast, most people purchase skin care product after meticulous inspection. They follow their trusted youtubers, educate themselves on the product’s customer reviews and consequently make their purchase after careful deliberation. Even in such cases, skin care products tend to react in a disagreeable manner. As some products are designed for a certain type of skin, it is possible for a certain product to react differently to each individual’s skin.

Furthermore, several skin care products damage the skin without the person even realizing it. These products start off with providing a healthy, glowing outcome to its user, however harming the individual’s skin in the long term.

Following from this, it is essential for you to identify the early sign of skin damage and instantly discontinue the use of that particular product. These five signs of early damage should be looked out for:

1. The burning sensation: The application of most scrubs often result in a tingling sensation. However, if your face mask is elevating that tingle into a burn, the product could be causing your skin more harm than good. Essentially, several skin care products are formed using chemicals that may be too harsh for sensitive skin types. Thus, if your skin feels as if it’s on fire, it is crucial to wash the product off as soon as possible.

For this reason, the selection of products should be done after carefully examining the ingredients used in the products. In case you are not aware of the side effects of a particular ingredient, you can consult your dermatologist before the purchase. By this means, you can identify your skin type and consequently purchase products that can work well with it.

2. Skin is too tight/ too oily: While some people hold a naturally oily skin texture, others have dryer skin. However, if your skin feels too tight or too oily after the use of a particular skin care product, the use of that merchandise should instantly be discontinued.
If you feel that your skin is peeling and holds a rough texture, you might be using too many chemicals that can potentially be harmful to your skin in the long run. The presence of natural oil on the skin is vital as it assists in the reduction of wrinkles. To overcome this, minimising the use of multiple products would avoid any additional reactions. Furthermore, you can apply natural essential oil to lubricate your skin while it’s excessively dry.

Similarly, if your skin is too oily after the use of a specific skin care product, the cause of that may lie in your skin care product’s formula. As our skin generates oil as a means of protection, the presence of chemicals that eliminate oil triggers the skin to produce a high quantity that can compensate for the dryness. This, in turn, leads your skin to have an excessive amount of oil. In order to resolve this issue, you can use skin hydrating products that constitute of a low water percentage. Furthermore, the weekly use of charcoal masks can help to absorb all the excess oil formed the skin’s surface.

3. Dry/ Peeling complexion: Many face washing scrubs comprise of multitudes of chemicals that may not always have a pleasant reaction with your skin. As these products composition consists of a variety of acids, they have a different reaction with each individual’s skin type. Thus, if you notice your skin is peeling from various spots, you know it’s time to say goodbye to your luxurious product. With that in mind, avoid the use of products that have a combination of retinol, alpha hydroxy acids and salicylic acids.

4. Formation of bumps: In case you are detecting the bumps all over your face, it is highly likely that your selected skincare brand is weighing down your skin. The presence of chemicals such as oxybenzone are known to clog one’s pore which in turn results in the formation of bumps. Furthermore, the clogging of pores can often result in acne. To avoid this, one can use products that are non-comedogenic. Non-comedogenic products are created with a formula that is specifically designed to avoid the clogging of pores. Thus, shifting from your favourite brand to a non-comedogenic product is essential in order to get rid of unappealing bumps.

5. Hives being present: Skin hives are an allergic reaction that is reminiscent of the occurrence of rashes. This category of an allergic reaction leaves red, bumps all over your skin and result in burning as well as in itching sensation. Essentially, most types of hives grow bigger the more you come in contact with them. Although, hives are unlike rashes in a way that they disappear after a limited amount of time.
The causation of hives may be due to a certain product that may comprise of an ingredient that you may be allergic to. Thus, if such a reaction is visible on your skin, it is crucial to shift your skin care product.

With that said, if you are experiencing hives, visiting a doctor or a dermatologist is recommended as there are several external factors such as stress that may be resulting in that skin condition.

In consideration of these factors, it is crucial to use the proper skin care products that hold the ability to perform their requisite actions on your skin type. Additionally, using organic products or homemade scrubs can prove to expedient as it avoids the aforementioned skin reactions. Furthermore, as essential as skin care is, it should not be performed more than once a week as it can have dire consequences on your face.

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