5 Best Condom Brands In India: Review, Rating, And Price

Do you know which is the best condom brand in India? Unfortunately, don’t here in this article; we will be discussing the best condom brands in India.

So don’t keep this article and choose the best condom brands in India and enjoy your quality time. However, there are various condom brands in India and all of the best promise that they are the best condom brands in India.

Various condom brands manufacturer manufacture various kinds of the condom. So if you are looking for the best condom brands in India, you need to be clear about which kinds of condoms are suitable for them; only you can choose the best condom brands in India.

The use of condoms is essential because it not only offers comfort but also protects from the various STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and effective birth control. So consider buying best condom brands in India and enjoy your quality time.

Do you know why choosing the best condom brands in India is crucial? No worry, below, we will be elaborating on the importance of buying the best condom brands in India. So we recommend you to read this article till the end and under the fact.

Best Condom is made up of latex, and it comes in multiple sizes, flavors, and even textures. Use of right size condom is crucial because if it is not fit well than the chance of accidents are more likely to happen, which would ruin the purpose of wearing it.

Best Condom Brands In India show

To improve or amplify sexual pleasure, most of the best condom brands in India have introduced ultra-thin condoms. The selection of the texture and flavor of the condoms depends upon the wearer of the condom and his partner. Here in this post, I have mentioned the 5 best condom brands in India.

List Of Best Condom Brands In India

  1. Durex
  2. Kamasutra
  3. Moods
  4. Manforce
  5. Playgard

Rating & Price Of Top 5 Best Condom Brands In India

A condom is a sheath shaped barrier device that is used during sexual intercourse to lower the chance of possible pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.  Thus only buy best condom brands in India although there are various brands of condoms in the Indian market, but the use of the best condom brands in India is necessary to avoid accidents in personal life. Here are I’ve discussed in detail about the top 5 best condom brands in India.

S.No Brand Quantity Price (Rs) Rating
1 Manforce Pack Of 3 55 4.6
2 Moods Pack Of 12 70 4.2
3 KamaSutra Pack Of 12 170 3.9
4 Durex 3 Pack Of 10 each (total 30) 401 3.8
5 Playgard 2 Pack Of 10 each (total 20) 120 3.4

5 Best Condom Brands In India

1. Durex Condom

It is one of the leading and best condom brands in India. Durex has 85 years of experience in condom manufacturing; thus, you can trust the quality of the Durex product.


All the part of the Durex condom is tried and tested; hence, the change of negative experience is near not possible. The Durex condom is made up of high-quality raw material, which is 5 times electronically tested for reliable quality.

The Durex condom manufacturer is very much concerned about its strength; thus, all the batch of the Durex condom are inflated with the help of air to confirm its durability. And these are the reason why Durex is best condom brands in India.

Durex manufactures different rubbed & dotted to flavored, extra thin, and extended pleasure condoms to improve your sexual pleasure with safety start using the best brands of condoms in India. It is one of the trusts, and out of 5 ratings, Durex manages to score 3.8. You can buy 3 packs (10 each) at Rs 401/-.

Different Types Of Durex Condom

To improve the sexual pleasure or experience of the wearer, Durex manufacturer various types of condom, some of them are listed here:

Air ultra-thin condom

  • Thin condom
  • Plain condom
  • Dotted condom
  • Ribbed Condom
  • Flavoured condom
  • Dotted and ribbed condom

Why Is Durex Condom Best?

If you are looking for fun in the bedroom, then the Durex condom is the best. It is available in various tropical-flavored, including apple, banana, orange, and strawberry.  People say that flavored condom tastes great, and these flavored make Durex one of the go-to condoms, especially for oral sex.

Durex is meant for extra as it increases the idea of fun, ecstasy, and safety by various notches. A thin condom gives you intimacy with your partner, and Durex condoms are comparatively thin.

Why Should I Buy Durex Condom?

Make your bedroom fun long-lasting. Durex dotted condom increases the friction resulting in smooth penetration, thus make you fun time lasting longer than ever. Due to non-toxic fruity flavour, to arouse your spouse into the sea of ecstasy, Durex condoms are the number one choice. It is also dermatologically tested and non-allergic.

2. Kamasutra Condom

It is India’s second-best condom brand, which is manufactured by JK Ansell Ltd. Kamasutra condom comes in exciting flavor, which includes Rum & Raisins, coffee cappuccino, Grapes, Banana & Butterscotch.

The Kamasutra Orgamax offers 4 in 1 condom- ribbed, dotted, contoured, and climax delay, which boosts the sex drive and makes the pleasure lasting long. The elegant texture and irresistible scent are the hallmarks of this brand with kissable flavors make love sweet indeed.

Kamasutra Orgamax has 3.9 ratings out of 5; thus, you can trust the quality of condoms. You can purchase Pack Of 12 Kamasutra condom at Rs 170/-.

Types Of Kamasutra Condom

Kamasutra manufacturer’s best condom in India to improves the sexual drive and make the pleasure lasting long. It has various types which are

  • Ribbed
  • Dotted
  • Multi-textured
  • Extra Dots
  • Dotted & Ribbed
  • Super thin
  • Flavoured
  • Plain condom
  • Assorted Condom Pack (Honeymoon Gift pack)

Why Is Kamasutra Best?

According to a survey, only 70% of female experience orgasm during sex. To narrow it down, women experience orgasm in only one is 3 encounters. However, men don’t find difficulties in attending orgasm. But you should know that intimacy don’t end with the men’s satisfaction. You should sexually satisfied your lovemaking playmate as well. 

Kamasutra condom helps you to set the pleasure at the next level every time you make love to your queen. This condom comes in a various variant which is contoured, Ribbed and dotted, along with climax delay condom. 

It is one of the best condom brands in India. The dotted Kamasutra condom has redefined the art of making love with the unique pyramidal Dots, which give the intense sensation. Kamsutra has a unique feature which hits the specific spots. 

Why Should I Buy Kamasutra Condom?

Don’t make your bedtime stories bad time stories. Buy Kamasutra condom and set the pleasure level hing.

Women orgasm is essential in sexual intimacy, and Kamasutra condom set the pleasure level to the maximum level. Use of Kamasutra condom will drive her wild with a strong sexual desire and will help you to prolong the orgasmic pleasure with special lubricant. 

This condom helps both male and female to enjoy orgasmic sex anytime and every time. So what are you waiting for? Buy Kamasutra condom and make your bedtime pleasant all the time. 

There is a various variant of Kamasutra condom-like ribbed & dotted, climax delay, contoured and other. It also shows excellent diversity in flavour; thus, you can choose according to your choice. This is one of the best condom brands in India to have orgasmic sex each time. Therefore buy Kamasutra condom and completely satisfied your queen all the time you make love to her. 

3. Mood Condom

The mood has left its huge impression in India. It is one of the trusted brands for the manufacturing of several healthcare products, and it is also known for manufacturing massive production of condoms.

The Mood condom is made up of the most exceptional technology & it is uniquely designed to delight one’s needs. The mood is available in various flavors like a fresh condom, absolute extasy, aloe, and blaze, choco, mélange, strawberry, etc.

This condom brand ensures the best condom material, along with extra pleasure. This brand of condoms made people believe that how powerful and effective lovemaking can be. When you find the rating of the Mood condom, then it is 4.2 out of 5. You can buy Pack of 12 at Rs 70/-.

Types Of Mood Condom

It has several variants which are given below:

  • Ribbed
  • Dotted
  • Dotted & Ribbed
  • Long Lasting
  • Ultra-Thin
  • Flavour
  • Plain Condom

Why Is Mood Condom Best?

Mood condom is one of the high-quality condom brands which is trusted by large masses of people. This condom is awarded the most coveted international certification. Each product of Mood condom are manufactured with international standard and goes through quality assurance and safety testing. Moods condoms are available in various flavors and scents. It can be strawberry, Bubblegum, Vanilla, Chocolate, Butterscotch flavors. Rose, Jasmine, Musk are some popular fragrance of Mood condom.

The most important feature of this condom is that it cares about women. Like other brands, Mood does not present women in a sex object. Rather than that Mood understand the wants and desire of the women. Thus Mood condom is for those men who care about his women and respect his queen’s wishes and wants.

Why Should I Buy Mood Condom?

MOOD! Being close to your girl. In bed, your queen’s satisfaction is essential, Mood enables you to award her extra pleasure with long-lasting experience. If you want to make your evening joyful, then a Mood condom is the perfect choice for you. It is available in various flavored like Chocolate, Vanilla, and others. To enhance your senses, Mood condom comes in multiple fragrances like Rose, Jasmine, and Musk. The different flavored, aroma and long-lasting condoms become the most popular among the skin range.

Mood also launched a dotted condom which heightens pleasure and increases the moment of joy and happiness. Mood dotted condom is modulated with super dots on the outside to enhance one’s sexual desire, and it also helps to increase stimulation. The best condom brand in India has increased the excitement level up to the next level like never before.

4. Manforce Condom

Manforce is one of the trusted and best condom brands in India. It is manufactured by Mankind pharma, and it was launched in 2010. It is available in various flavors like chocolate, coffee, Banana, Blake Grapes, Butterscotch, Strawberry, Jasmine, Green Apple, orange, & Pineapple.

Mankind believes in business ethics; thus, each condom manufactured by this company is prepared under airburst technology for maximum satisfaction.

Manforce is one of the high rated and best condom brands in India, and its rating is 4.6 out of 5. Thus you can trust the quality of the Manforce condom. You can purchase Pack of 3 Manforce at Rs 55/-.

Types Of Manforce Condom

  • Smooth
  • Ultra-thin
  • Contoured
  • Dotted
  • Ribbed
  • Multi-texture
  • Dotted & Ribbed
  • Flavoured
  • Plain Condom

Why Is Manforce Condom Best?

Manforce condom is India’s leading and best- selling condom brands in India. It is available in 16 different arousals which enhance the pleasure with proper protection. It is manufactured to satisfy every individual desire and need. It is available is various flavour like strawberry, coffee, chocolate, black grapes and many others. Smooth, ultra-thin, dotted, ribbed, and contoured Manforce condom made the act of lovemaking safe and pleasant.

Manforce condom is designed to make you queen wild. The tiny ribs and projection along with the body of the Manforce condom, can stroke sensitive spots on her juicy vagina wall, making her wild. Buy best condom brands of India and go wild instantly.

Why Should I Buy Manforce Condom? 

Sexually satisfaction is all about your queen’s satisfaction. Manforce condom is made to satisfy each desire and needs. It comes in various flavors like coffee, Mango, chocolate, black grapes, and others. This condom has increased the level of lovemaking to the next level.

Only 70% of females experience orgasmic pleasure, but with a Manforce condom, you can make her feel satisfied. The female orgasm is a pleasurable song of sensation that secretes myriads of felling in the response of sexual stimulation. Manforce Condom allows playing that pleasurable song of feeling.

5. Playgard Condom

Playgard condom is manufactured by Alkem Healthcare Laboratories, which is the fifth-largest pharmaceutical company in India. The Playgard condom has 50% more raised dot, which boosts the pleasure.

Thus a Playgard condom is for those who want to play hard. This product helps you “play” as well as “Guard” you from any and every difficulty. It comes in various flavors like Chocolate, Strawberry, IceCool, Banana, and many more.

Playgard condom is also known for endless fun because it has Benzocaine, which makes the pleasure infinite. Buy 2 Pack Of 10 each (total 20) Playgard condom at Rs 120/-. When you talk about the rating of the Playgurad condom, it is 3.4 out of 5.

Types Of Playgard Condoms

  1. Playgard Strawberry Super Dotted Climax Delay condoms
  2. Playgard Chocolate Super Dotted Climax Delay condoms
  3. Playgard Strawberry Super Dotted Condoms
  4. Playgard Chocolate Dotted condoms
  5. Playgard Butter Scotch Super Dotted condoms
  6. Playgard Orange Super Dotted condoms
  7. Playgard Icemint Multitexture Condoms
  8. Playgard Pineapple flavoured Dotted Condoms
  9. Playgard Coffee flavoured Dotted condoms
  10. Playgard Paan flavoured Dotted condoms
  11. Playgard Black Grapes flavoured Dotted condoms
  12. Playgard Green Apple flavoured Dotted condoms
  13. Playgard Mixfruit flavoured Dotted condoms
  14. Playgard Jasmine Scented and Dotted condoms
  15. Playgard Banana Flavoured Ultra Thin condoms

Why Is Playgard Condom Best?

For someone, lovemaking is a journey, and for others, it is a destination. But the game of lovemaking is a never-ending journey, and with Playgard condom, you can spice up your sexual life. This condom is the new age of condoms, which has been designed for pleasure.

To amplify the sexual pleasure, Playgard has launched the supper dotted condom with 50% bigger dotes. Playgard is more concerned about female satisfaction; thus, Playgard condom came up with a super dotted condom having 50% bigger dots to provide extra stimulation to the women.

Why Should I Buy Playgard Condom?

Looking to play hard, buy playgard! Playgard dotted condom has 50% extra dots, which offers extra pleasure to women. It comes in various delightful flavors such as orange, butterscotch, strawberry, and chocolate. These condom flavors make your queen feel satisfied.

How Effective Are Condoms?

Condoms are considered as one of the excellent ways to avoid pregnancy and STDs if you follow the instruction carefully and use them all the time while having vaginal, oral, and anal sex. If you use a condom correctly every time during intercourse, then they are 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. But most of the people are not using a condom correctly, so in real life, it is only 85% effective.

Why Are Condoms Flavored?

Many people think a flavoured condom is a sales tactic but it is not true there is a great reason behind it. It is mainly designed for oral sex. The flavoured coating above the condom mask the taste of the latex & makes oral sex more enjoyable. Thus choose best condom brands and enjoy your evening.

As the trend of oral sex is increasing day by day it is important to use a condom because it not only makes the oral sex enjoyable but also reduce the chance of STDs (Sexually transmitted diseases).

Benefits Of Flavor Condom- Best Condom Brands In India

There are various benefits of flavor condoms. Here are a few crucial benefits of flavor condoms. Let discuss multiple benefits of flavor condom.

1. Avoid STDs

STDs can easily be transmitted through oral sex. With the help of the condom, it can be avoided altogether. But condoms without added flavor can make your oral experience horrible. Thus the best condom brands in India are making different flavor condom to make oral sex enjoyable.

2. It Makes Sexual Experience Even More Vibrant

The condom brands in India are continuously looking to make your oral experience more pleasurable. And the flavored condom comes in a different color, which complements the flavor. Like Kala-Khatta condom comes in purple and Strawberry condom comes in red color. These condoms are readily available at the medical and general store. Below we have discussed various flavors of condoms, which can make your sexual experience more pleasurable.

3. Take The Oral Love Making Game To The Next Level

With the changing time, the game of lovemaking is getting advance. And it is oral sex for which condoms are made flavored. Because unflavored condom taste awful, but flavor condoms are mindfully designed to spice up the oral experience in the game of lovemaking. But the flavored condom is not suitable for the vaginal penetration as the sugar level in the flavored condom can disturb the pH of the vagina, which leads to the yeast infection. Oral sex is used to stimulate sensation, and men love this sensation.

Different Flavor Of Best Condom Brands In India

There is the various flavor of condoms so while choosing the best condom brands in India consider checking flavor of the condom. Here we have listed a few crucial and best flavor condom which will spice up your sexual experience. These flavors are;

  • Jasmine Flavored Condom
  • Black Grapes Flavored Condom
  • Banana Flavored Condom
  • Kala-Khatta Flavored Condoms
  • Strawberry Flavored Condom
  • Cherry Flavored Condom
  • Orange Flavored Condom
  • Chocolate Flavored Condom
  • Vanilla Flavored Condom
  • Butterscotch Flavored Condom
  • Bubblegum Flavored Condom
  • Pineapple Flavored Condom
  • Mango Flavored Condom
  • Chicken Tikka Masala Flavored Condom
  • Paan Flavored Condom

Some Common Errors Of Condom Use

Only buying best condom brands in India is not the solution because a review of research published in the Journal of Sexual Health found that condom use errors are too common among couples. Here is the few common mistake people do:

1. Late Application

This founded that 17% to 51.1 % of people put a condom on after intercourse has already started. Some other studies found the delayed application of condoms in 1.5% to 24.8 % of people.

2. Early removal

13.6 to 44.7 % of individuals take off the condom before the intercourse completed. The several studies found this percentage in between 1.4 to 26.9%.

3. Unrolling of Condom Before Putting It One

2.1 % to 25.3 % of people reported completely unrolling a condom before putting it on.

4. No Space At The Tip

A large portion of people missed maintaining the space for the semen. This percentage is 24.3% to 45.7 %.

5. Falling To Remove Air

Approximately half of the condom users missed removing air. This percentage is around 48.1%

6. Exposure To the Sharp Object

2.1% to 11.2 percent of people open the condom pack with a sharp object, which leads to the breakage of the product.

7. Not Check The For The Damage

Most of the people failed to check for the damage before putting it on. Almost 82.7% of women and 74.5 % of people don’t check for the damaged product.

8. Not Use Of Lubricant

This study suggested that 16% to 25.8% of people don’t use any lubricant.

9. Use of the wrong lubricant

4.1% of people use oil as a lubricant. The use of oil degrades the condom as it is made of latex. 3.2% of women and 4.7% of a man reported this standard error.

10. Incorrect Withdrawal Of Condom

Improper withdrawal after the ejaculation is also a big common mistake. Around 57% of people are not able to withdraw correctly. This mistake is prevalent in 31% of males and 27% female.

11. Reuse Of Condom

1.4% to 3.3 % of people re-use the condom thus its effectiveness decreases

15. Fail To Store Properly

Almost 3.3% of to 19.1 % of people don’t store in the sale condition as given on the package.

Note- With buying the best condom brands in India, consider these steps while having a physical relation.

Percentage Of Common Error While Using  Condom

S.No Common Mistake While Condom Uses % Of Error
1 Late Application 17% to 51.1 %
2 Early removal 13.6 to 44.7 %
3 Unrolling of Condom Before Putting It One 2.1 % to 25.3 %
4 No Space At The Tip 24.3% to 45.7 %.
5 Falling To Remove Air 48.1%
6 Exposure To the Sharp Object 2.1% to 11.2 %
7 Not Check The For The Damage 82.7% of women and 74.5 % of men
8 Not Use Of Lubricant 16% to 25.8%
9 Use of the wrong lubricant 4.1% (3.2% of women and 4.7% of a man)
10 Incorrect Withdrawal Of Condom 57% (31% of male and 27% female)
11 Reuse Of Condom 1.4% to 3.3 %
12 Fail To Store Properly 3.3% of to 19.1 %

Generally, many people ask which condom brands in India are best or which condom is best to use. Due to the availability of a large number of a condom brand in India, selecting best condom brands in India can be difficult. But we hope that this article will help you to get the best condom brands in India according to your mood.

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