IVF Surrogacy: Points You Should Know About It

The surrogacy came in light in the 1980s, but in the early years it was shrouded in secrecy & legal red tape, but these days due to the advancement in the medicine, law & public awareness the IVF surrogacy is a standard option for many couple or patients who might otherwise never have the chance to have a child who shares their genetic character. Many Surrogacy Doctors in Georgia made it very simple. Here in this post, we are going to discuss IVF surrogacy.

More than thousands of healthy baby has been produced through IVF surrogacy in recent past years. But still, there are lots of patients who are not aware of this technology and confused about how does surrogacy works. So read this blog till the end and clear all your doubts about surrogacy.

What Is IVF Surrogacy?

In the gestational surrogacy, an egg cell is taken from the donor and fertilized with the sperm cell of the intended father. After the fertilization of the embryo is transferred to the surrogate who carries the pregnancy till the 9th month. In IVF surrogacy process, doctors use a third party “Gestational surrogate” to take the pregnancy. People look for the gestational process when a patient is unable to carry a child to term herself. This process is typical among homosexual couples.

Why Go For IVF Surrogacy?

When women are medically unfit to carry a child to the term but still able to produce healthy eggs, some female goes for gestational surrogacy because they are suffering from a fundamental problem with their uterus or because the womb of the female has been damaged by the injury or the disease, or removed by the hysterectomy.

Some people choose IVF surrogacy because they have gone several unexplained pregnancies loses. In some cases, the female is advice for the surrogacy due to some medical condition such as diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. The Gestational surrogacy is more and less supported by the law over the traditional surrogacy because, in this surrogacy, the surrogate is not genetically related to the child or baby.

How To Select Surrogate?

In surrogacy, it is one of the most crucial decision. Some luck patients have a close friend or family member who carry a pregnancy for them, but most of the patients go for the surrogacy agency. There are many surrogacy agencies which offer you surrogates. A notable or reputable agency gives you a profile of carefully screened potential gestational surrogate and also guide you through the entire process of selecting the best surrogate.

The screening of surrogate is strict about making sure that the selected surrogate is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy to carry a pregnancy for the client couple without any risk. The attributes of the best surrogate agency include:

  • The age of the surrogate mother should be in between 21-40 years
  • She should have a healthy lifestyle like she should not be addicted to smoking & alcohol
  • Should have gone at-least one healthy and successful pregnancy
  • Should have passed a medical and psychological test

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