Things You Will Appreciate Knowing About Invisalign


Invisalign is a custom and smooth BPA-free plastic to fit in the mouth. This replaces brackets and wires that might irritate the cheeks and gum. This device is transparent, removable, and resembles a bite guard. The Invisalign is removed bi-weekly for a smooth transition to get the desired results for your teeth and bite. When thinking about opting for Invisalign, ensure to find a certified professional in Invisalign treatment.

How to tell you qualify for Invisalign treatment

Consultation with your dentist is very important before getting Invisalign treatment. The dentist reviews the procedure and determines where Invisalign is the solution for your dental issue. Invisalign is helpful in fixing conditions including:

  • Open bite
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Spacing
  • Crowding
  • Crossbite
  • Straightening

You can also get Invisalign treatment if you used braces before. Invisalign is a good alternative to using traditional ceramic or metal braces. The treatment requires the use of clear aligners from smooth plastic for moving teeth into position over time. This comes without self-consciousness and discomfort that comes with traditional orthodontic treatment.

Things to know about Invisalign treatment

  • Virtually invisible

Invisalign get their name from clear aligners. No one can tell that you are wearing teeth aligners. For anyone looking forward to having straighter teeth, opt for Invisalign in Vancouver  just like celebrities like Tom Cruise and Oprah Winfrey. Telling that someone is wearing aligners requires getting too close and looking at the person’s teeth. Well, it is impossible in most cases. So, everyone will be complimenting you on having nice teeth without noticing that you wear aligners.

  • Eat whatever you want

After fixing metal or ceramic braces, you have to mind the food you eat. Crunchy, chewy, and hard foods might break the wires or get stuck in the brackets. This is discomforting and requires scheduling an emergency visit to the dentist to do appropriate repairs and remove the stuck-on food. With aligners, you just remove them before meals to avoid such accidents. This will give you the freedom to eat whatever you want including corn on the cob without worry.

  • Easier oral care

Apart from taking aligners off when eating, you also take them when brushing and flossing your teeth. Wearing aligners allows continuing to care for your teeth like before the treatment. You need a lot of practice, time, and special tools to lean your teeth when wearing braces. This is important when working around the brackets and wires during brushing and flossing. Apart from being so easy for food to get stuck between the brackets, cleaning your teeth like before becomes hard. This puts your teeth at risk of gum disease and cavities. Wearing braces also makes the cleaning process to take longer time.

  • Less visits to the dentist

After traditional braces, you will have to visit the dentist more often to have the wires and brackets adjusted and tightened, this allows keeping teeth to move toward alignment. These visits will significantly affect your schedule and the tightening comes with some pain. After having the wires adjusted to a new tension level, you will have to get them tightened again after some time. Luckily, when wearing aligners, the visits to the dentist are limited to once every six weeks to ensure that the treatment is on track. Additionally, there are no painful adjustments.

  • Use of a special type of plastic

Invisalign aligners use SmartTrack. This unique type of plastic is designed for gentle and continual pressure on teeth. SmartTrack allows teeth to move towards alignment without abrupt tightening synonymous with traditional braces. It has a smooth surface to allow slipping the aligners on and off easily while maintaining a secure fit. The best thing about SmartTrack is being free from BPS, BPA, gluten, and latex.

  • Treatment is faster

Use of SmartTrack plastic allows making custom aligners for each patient. This makes Invisalign treatment to take less time compared to traditional orthodontic treatment where generic brackets and wires are used. Despite making custom-made aligners, you will not wait long to get that beautiful smile you have always wanted after Invisalign treatment.

Some situations where aligners might not be appropriate include

Regardless of the various benefits of wearing aligners, there are some situations where Invisalign treatment is not the best solution. Your dentist will determine whether you qualify for Invisalign treatment or not. Most common situations that might make you not to get Invisalign include:

  • Large gap between teeth
  • Intrusions and extrusions
  • Some teeth aren’t ideal for aligners
  • Front teeth with midline more than 2mm
  • Previous dental work like bridges and porcelain veneers

Bottom line

When looking forward to getting Invisalign treatment, choose a professional dental clinic certified to offer Invisalign treat to teens and adults. Invisalign is the solution to getting straighter teeth for a beautiful smile you deserve. A visit to your dentist will determine where you qualify for Invisalign treatment to handle your dental issue.

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