Some Truth About Menstruation Cycle Or Periods

Menstruation cycle or periods occur every month in the female. Because the female body flushes out unfertilized egg cell through the reproductive part. In this process female experience discharge of blood & musical tissue from the inner lining of the uterus through the vagina. Period occurs at an interval of one month hence it is regarded as periods. Girls experience menstruation cycle or periods after the puberty, i.e., at the of between 12-15 but sometimes it may occur in 8 years old child, called as menarche. This process stops at the age of 45-55 which is called as menopause.

Periods stop during the pregnancy and starting phase of breastfeeding. When the girl doesn’t experience menstruation or period for 90 days or even after the age of 15 is called as amenorrhea. In this post, we’ll talk about the menstruation and problem associated with the periods or menstruation.

Why Menstruation Occurs?

After the puberty, the pituitary gland of the female secretes some hormone which causes in the production or release of the ovum or egg cell from the ovary & rush toward the fallopian tube (the place where natural fertilisation takes place) and waits for the sperm cell. At the same, the inner lining of the uterus prepares itself for the possible pregnancy by getting rich in blood vessels and thicker.

If the egg cell gets fertilise then, the implantation takes place but when the egg cell doesn’t receive any sperm cell the lining of the uterus starts to breaks down, and the blood & tissues from this lining come out from the womb through the vagina. Once this process completed body again begin preparing for the possible pregnancy and this process is repeated until it receives sperm cell or menopause.

Menstruation Cycle At One Glance

The menstruation cycle or periods is mainly categories into four events which are given in the table.

S.No Number of Days Events
1 1-5 At days one girl experience menstrual bleeding

Generally bleeding stops in 5 days but sometimes it may end up to 8 days

2 6-13 In this period the female body prepare itself for the possible pregnancy by forming the inner lining of the uterus
3 14-24 In this period ovary releases the egg which moves towards the fallopian tube, and if it gets sperm cell then the fertilisation will take place and fertilise egg cell will move toward the uterus for the implantation
4 25-28 If the propagation doesn’t occur then the hormones signals the womb to break down the lining

Problem Associated With Period

Almost 50% of female experience abdominal pain during this while 15% of them experience cramps. The intensity of the pain may be mild, severe or moderate. The cramps are categories into two parts. First types of menstruation cramps are natural, and it occurs due to the ovulation, and the other occurs due to the abnormal health condition. This kind of menstruation cramp may be severe.

Some girls also experience mood swims one and two weeks before the menstruation. This problem gets resolved once menstruation started.To overcome the pain which occurs due to the menstruation some girls use to take a painkiller, regular use of analgesic may cause severe health issues. Some gynaecologist suggests few home remedies overcome this issues such as tea with a low concentration of caffeine and drinking of more amount of water.

Drinking one cup of herbal or green tea during the menstruation or periods may help you with this. The heat from the team provides a sufficient amount of comfort to your muscles and drinking 7-8 glass of water makes you feel better & fresh. Consumption of enough water also improves your overall health, especially during the menstruation or periods. But before consumption of water ensure that your drinking water is adequately treated by using water purification system.

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