Tips and Benefits of Personal Hygiene Routine


Personal hygiene means how you take care of your body. Each and every day you come into contact with a lot of germs, bacteria, and viruses. They can stay in your body and also can make you fall ill. Proper grooming and practicing healthy personal habits helps you to stay away from illness. Practicing personal hygiene habits can make you feel good about yourself.

So let us take a look at some simple and important benefits of personal hygiene routine.

  1. Restroom hygiene

Our hands have a lot of things each and every day and come into contact with a million germs. Different types of viruses and bacteria are present everywhere around your surroundings. So, it is important to spare some time to wash your hands with hand sanitizers or liquid soap with water before having meals or snacks, after using the restroom, after visiting any public places etc. Clean your hands properly and make sure that nothing remains under your nails. After washing, dry your hands or wipe with a clean towel. This helps in removing the residual germs to a great extent.

  1. Oral hygiene

Taking care of your gums and teeth is a great way to avoid cavities, tooth infections, and gum diseases. You should brush your teeth twice a day. Apart from brushing your teeth two times a day, flossing is additionally required every day to expel the plaque between the teeth appropriately. Otherwise, there can be an increase in the chances of the cavity and other oral diseases. So floss between your teeth every day and use antibacterial mouth wash to keep your breath fresh.

  1. Shower hygiene

Individual preference may direct how regularly you wish to shower, yet the vast majority of the people will benefit by rinsing alternate days. Showering with soaps helps wash away dead skin cells, bacteria, and oils. You should wash your hair regularly somewhere around two times every week. Shampooing your hair and scalp enables evacuate to skin development and protect against oily deposits that can bother your skin. Use basic personal hygiene products for your care that can do wonders. So go for some high quality and cost-effective products for a gentle and caring result.

  1. Sickness hygiene

In case you’re not feeling well, you should find a way to keep from spreading germs to other people. This incorporates covering your mouth and nose when sneezing, cleaning down imparted surfaces with an antibacterial wipe or hand towel, hand sanitizers and not sharing any utensils or any gadgets because this might lead to infections, rashes inflammation etc. Likewise, promptly discard any dirty tissues, Ear wax because they are perfect places for germs and dirt to get accumulated.

  1. Nail hygiene

Keep your nails short and clean by trimming it regularly. Brush under them with a nail brush or washcloth to clean away dirt and germs. Keeping your nails clean helps you avoid germs into your mouth. Also, you should not bite your nails because it increases the chances of the germs to enter your body that can cause various problems.

  1. Menstrual Hygiene

It is important that at the time of the menstrual or period you have a separate set of panties to be used during that time of the month. Use warm water and add disinfectant to wash blood stained clothes. Also, clean yourself or take a proper shower every time you change your pad. These few things will really help you to stay away from infections.

  1. Use Deodorant

An important personal hygiene tip is to use deodorant for smelling fresh and cool. Deodorant is mainly used to control excessive sweat and displeasing body odor caused by sweat. You can use natural and aluminum-free deodorant to reduce health risks. Buy deodorant that is comfortable and suits your body as there are strong, mild and light odor deodorants available.

  1. Set a Daily routine

Make sure that you perform all your daily hygiene tasks properly and promptly. Set up a daily schedule so that it becomes easy for you to maintain your work as well as your personal hygiene task. Personal hygiene tasks like cleaning hair, bathing, brushing, shaving etc. should be done every day to create a sense of daily routine and stability.




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