How Air Pollution Affects Your Health?

Air pollution is the major cause of various kinds of respiratory diseases. And both indoor and outdoor air quality is equally contributing to air pollution.

Do you know what your indoor air quality is?

If you don’t know, think twice about the air quality index you breathe daily. Because in the recent past the air quality has decreased and breathing polluted air may affect our vital organs like lungs.

These days, having a luxurious life is everyone’s dream, and we all work hard for this, but to achieve a luxurious life, we ignore our health, which affects us adversely.

So, if you care about your and your family’s health, you must ensure to check your indoor air quality.

You must be wondering why we are talking about indoor air quality?

Are we right?

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), indoor air quality can be 5 times as polluted as outdoor air quality. So, hire a professional and get your air quality check done today.

What Is Air Pollution?

The addition and removal of unwanted material into the air that changes the air’s physical, chemical, and biological nature is called air pollution.

With each passing day, air pollution increases continuously, and breathing polluted air may lead to various health issues like lung cancer and respiratory issues like Asthma.

Although we should be thankful for the technology because now we have air purifiers to deal with air pollution, check the air quality index and get the best air purifier for your house.

Why Should You Have an Air Purifier?

As you know, we all need air to breathe, and without air, we can’t survive even for 3 minutes. So we should ensure that we breathe contamination free air.

Below we have listed some of the harmful health issues that may occur due to breathing polluted air.

Air Pollution Causes Several Health Issues

#1. Asthma

It is a health condition in which the airways become inflamed, narrow, and swell. Thus making it difficult to bread. It is also known as bronchial asthma. Many things can lead to asthma attacks, and air pollution is one of the main causes of asthma, thus, people, it is crucial for people who have asthma should breathe pure and contamination free air.  

#2. Respiratory Issues

It can be caused by infection, smoking, breathing in secondary smoking, or other forms of air pollution. Respiratory diseases include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), pulmonary fibrosis, and pneumonia. Research shows that older adults face severe respiratory disorders after inhaling ozone and particle pollution. Additionally, people suffering from cardiovascular disease or diabetes can be at risk of getting respiratory diseases. 

#3. Lungs Cancer

Both outdoor and indoor air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer. In every 10 lung cancer cases, roughly 1 lung cancer results from outdoor air pollution. People who smoke regularly have a higher chance of developing lung cancer. 

Research says that indoor quality is decreasing these days, and many sources lower indoor air quality. So, improving your indoor air quality is suggested, and with the help of the air purifier now, it is easy to achieve.

Who Is More Susceptible To Severe Health Issues From Air Pollution?

People having below listed issues are more susceptible to air pollution

  •   Heart Diseases and coronary artery diseases
  •   COPD
  •   Pregnancy Lady
  •   Older adults
  •   Children under age 14

Nowadays, the market is flooded with various air purifiers, so purchasing an air purifier can be confusing until you have expert advice. 

As we know, the pollution level is regularly increasing thus the quality of life is getting affected. So, to live a healthy lifestyle, consume a healthy diet, drink pure and contamination-free water (for this, install a water purification system), check your air quality, and install an air purifier at your house. 

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