How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally?

These days medical science has reached the next level, and there are various methods available in the market to avoid or lower the chance of pregnancy. But here, in this post, we will be discussing some natural ways to avoid pregnancy. So, if you are sexually active and don’t wish to use artificial barriers like a male condom, this article will help you avoid pregnancy naturally.

But Guys!!

Practicing natural ways to avoid pregnancy is tough, and a single mistake may result in pregnancy. So I suggest using the artificial birth control methods available in the market.

Now going ahead, Let’s discuss some natural and home remedies to avoid pregnancy naturally.

“Yes, The Pregnancy Can Be Avoided Naturally But The Failure Rate For The Same Is 25%. Means Out of 100 Couples Only 75 Couples Can Avoid Pregnancy By Using Natural Methods. So, Healthy Tips4us Suggest Considering Best Condom Brands In India.”

Some Effective Way To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally

After reading several articles and watching multiple YouTube videos, I’ve come up with the 3 most trustable methods to avoid pregnancy naturally. So, let’s discuss them one by one. These 3 methods are

  1.     Withdrawal Method
  2.     Calendar Method
  3.     Eating Habits

#1. What Is Withdrawal Method

In this method, the male partner removes his penis from his female partner’s vagina before ejaculation. As we know, for pregnancy, both male sperm and female egg cells need fusion, so withdrawing the penis before ejaculation prevents pregnancy naturally.

But guys, is it possible?

Some may say Yes, but it is tough because healthy human ejaculates 2ml to 5 ml semen, and usually 100 million sperm cells are present in 1ml of human male ejaculation. So even a single drop of your semen inside the vagina may lead to pregnancy because only one sperm is significant enough to fertilize the egg cell.

Note- Practicing oral and anal sex doesn’t result in pregnancy.

Oral and anal sex has gained the attention of most of the youngsters in India and if you too are into it, then be careful as these intercourses may lead to STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases).

Now coming back to our topic “How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally“. Let’s discuss our second method, “The Calendar Method”.

#2. Calendar Methods

This is the safest way to avoid pregnancy naturally, but it needs to calculate the exact ovulation date properly.

Before we proceed further, I would like to ask, do you know what Ovulation is?

An ovulation refers to a mature egg being released from the ovary and moving towards the fallopian tube. A fallopian tube is a junction where the mature egg cell waits for the sperm cell to fertilize.

So, if a woman knows her exact ovulation date, then no other natural method is better than the calendar method to avoid pregnancy naturally. But calculating the exact ovulation date is a lengthy process, and it needs at least 3-4 months.

Do you know how to calculate the ovulation date?

It is very simple because you only need to count 14 days back from Day 1 of your period. The first bleeding day is considered the 1st Day of the Menstrual cycle.

Note- The calendar method is only effective when females experience a regular period. In the case of an irregular menstrual cycle, this method will not work. So, if you want to avoid unwanted pregnancy, convince your partner to use a condom or carefully check your period.

A few days in your period are considered non or low risky days, and these days are 1-8 days and 20-28 days of period. The period may last from 21 days to 35 days, so that the safest zone may vary from female to female. 

Sperm Cell And Survive Up To 5 Days Inside The Female Vagina, Depending Upon The Condition Inside The Vagina, Fallopian Tube, And Uterus. In contrast, The Female Egg Cell Can Survive Up To 12 To 24 Hours After Ovulation.

Knowing the above line will help you avoid pregnancy naturally. But Healthy Tips suggest you contact your Gynaecologist so that you can plan it smoothly and better.

#3. Eating Habits

What you eat also impacts your pregnancy, so here I’ll suggest you add a few foods to your meal. Usually, it is said that the food that increases warmness inside the body leads to the menstrual cycle and the occurrence of a period ensures no pregnancy

Gynecologists suggest eating Papaya, Fig, and Apricot twice a day after unprotected intercourse during the fertile period. There are various other food you can  include in your daily meal, like ginger.

Drinking one glass of warm water having ginger leads to the abortion naturally.

Hope this post will help you avoid unwanted pregnancy naturally. Here again, I’ll draw your attention to one of the safest ways to avoid pregnancy is using a condom during intercourse because it not only protects you from unnecessary stress but also protects you from STDs. 

There are various brands of condoms in India you can choose the best condom brands in India to have the best and stress-free sex. Above listed methods are only for emergencies, so don’t try to practice it regularly as I’ve already mentioned in the above paragraph that natural methods have a significant failure rate and that is 25%.

If you like this article “How To Avoid Pregnancy Naturally,” then share it with your friends and guide them to avoid pregnancy naturally. You can also share other methods that you know are the best natural pregnancy controller. I welcome your feedback. Write Your Suggestion And Share It Now!!!.

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