Pregnancy- Dos & Don’t Of Pregnancy

Are you pregnant? Congratulation! Jump for joy & be grateful for this blessing. Here in this post, we’ll discuss what to do and what not to do during the pregnancy. But before coming to the point, i.e., Do’s and Don’t of pregnancy you should know some fact about it.

Pregnancy is mainly divided into the three trimesters. One trimester is about the 12 weeks. 1st weeks to 12 weeks of pregnancy is considered as 1st trimester, 13th weeks to 24th weeks is consider as 2nd trimester and from 26th & the last or 3rd trimester starts from 27th weeks.

What Should You Not Do In Early Pregnancy?

During the pregnancy, you should avoid these things

1. Raw Meat

Eating uncooked or raw meat or seafood can be harmful because it may be contaminated with the toxoplasmosis or Salmonella.

2. Raw Eggs

During the Pregnancy, you should avoid eating a raw egg because the raw egg may contain the risk of Salmonella.

3. Don’t take certain medications

During pregnancy consumption of the particular drug can be harmful so always seek advice from your doctor

4. Don’t Stand or Sit For a Long Time

During the pregnancy staying in the same position for the long time can be an issue. It can cause all types of problem including vein issues

Do and Don’ts of pregnancy?

What you eat & do has a significant impact on the pregnancy hence here we’ll share what should you check during the pregnancy.

1. Do take multivitamins

Consumption of a healthy diet which is rich in vitamins & minerals is the best way to fulfill your body with all the healthy vitamins which are required for the growth of a growing baby during pregnancy. Multivitamins mainly contain DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) or EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid) or both.  DHA & EPA are the omega-3 fats that are essential for the proper brain development of your growing baby.

There are some vitamins which are required in a higher amount such as folic acid, calcium & iron. Proper consumption of these multivitamins help in the appropriate development of the baby and protect it from the congenital disability. These vitamins are not sufficient enough so ask your doctor for the vitamins which are best for you. But you should ensure that you’re eating an adequate amount of multivitamins during pregnancy.

2. Get Proper Sleep

During pregnancy your body experience change in hormone level, anticipation, & anxiety which can disturb your sleep. But you should ensure 8 to 9-hour nap or fixed your bedtime. In last trimester sleeping on your back may increase the chance of stillbirth, but it is advisable to sleep on your side because several types of research say that sleeping on your side is safe for the baby (on this topic we’ll discuss in the next post).

Is sleeping on your stomach is safe? Till 1st trimester, i.e., up to 13th week it is safe, but after that, it may affect the growing baby. Hence make sure that you are not sleeping on your stomach. You can also take advice from your doctor about the sleeping position during pregnancy.

3. Drink a Sufficient Amount of Water

Keep yourself hydrated so that you can avoid preterm labor. Hydration also helps you to prevent headaches, kidney stone & dizziness. Hence during pregnancy, you need to consume a sufficient amount of water. How to find you’re drinking enough amount of water? Urine, yes your urine will inform you that are you consuming an adequate amount of water or not?

If your urine color is light yellow to clear than you’re hydrated enough but if its color is dark yellow then you need to increase your water consumption. Also, ensure that your drinking water is adequately treated by a water purification system.

4. Don’t Smoke & Drink Alcohol

Smoking leads to the lower birth weight of the baby and issues with the learning abilities. Alcohol also disturbs the growth of the baby. Women who consume alcohol deliver a baby with FAS, i.e., Fetal alcohol syndrome. The main symptoms of FAS are:

  • Low birth weight

  • Learning disabilities

  • Behavior issues

  • Problem with growth & development

Hence quite smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. The sooner you quit smoking, the healthier your baby is likely to be.

5. Be aware of

There are many symptoms which should be discussed with your doctor these are

  1. Bleeding from the vagina

  2. Pain during urination

  3. Abdominal pain or cramps

  4. A severe Headache

  5. Baby’s movements slowing down or decreasing

  6. Swelling in face, hand or legs

  7. Problem in vision or blurred vision

  8. Itching especially in hand or legs

If you experience these types of symptoms then immediately contact your doctor.

6. Avoid excess caffeine

More than 60% of women found that they are over the limit of caffeine during the pregnancy. High level of caffeine during the pregnancy causes the low birth weight, which can increase the risk of health issues in later life. High level of caffeine may also lead to the miscarriage.

What should be the diet in the first month of pregnancy?

During the starting phase, you should incorporate some listed food into your diet

1. Dairy Products

It is the excellent source of calcium, vitamin D, protein, and folic acid.

2. Folate-Rich Foods

It is essential for the smooth development of the baby’s natural tube which in future develop into the brain & spinal cord

3. Fruits

You should increase the consumption of some fruits such as banana, guava, oranges, sweet limes, apple, pomegranate because these fruits contain various vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants which are crucial for the proper growth of the unborn baby.

4. Seeds & Nuts

It is the excellent source of healthy fats, vitamins, protein, minerals, and dietary fiber.
Hence you should incorporate this food into your diet during the first month of the pregnancy, and you can also carry it during the whole pregnancy period.

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