Sex During Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not?

Sex during pregnancy is safe or not?

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Here my simplest answer is Yes, Sex during pregnancy is safe.

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Yes, you read correctly, being intimate during the pregnancy is completely safe until your doctor advises you to stop vaginal penetration.

A huge population in India is actually confused regarding the same, and they continuously ask if being safe during pregnancy is safe or not. So if you have the same confusion, then this article is for you because here in this post, we will discuss sex during pregnancy.

According to the Gynaecologist, sex during the pregnancy is a completely safe unit if you experience bleeding, pain, and other abnormalities. Normal sex during the pregnancy will not harm your baby, but the guy, you need to be careful.

During vaginal intercourse penis doesn’t penetrate beyond the vagina; thus, your baby is entirely safe, but you need to make sure not to put extra pressure on the stomach as this can lead to complications.

However, For The General Safety precautions, Some Doctors Advise Avoiding Sex During The Final Weeks Of Pregnancy as They Believe That Prostaglandins Hormones In The Semen Can Stimulate Contractions.

Sex during pregnancy is completely safe until your doctor advises you not to have sex. However, after reading several articles and watching a few doctor’s videos on the same, I’ve concluded a few necessary conditions when you should ignore sex during pregnancy. So, read this carefully  

  • Avoid sex during pregnancy if you are having vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramps due to unknown causes
  • If your amniotic sac is leaking the fluid or has ruptured membranes
  • In case your cervix has opened too early during the pregnancy
  • If the placenta is too low in the uterus
  • When you are experiencing twins, triplets, or other “multiples.”

Note- if you have a history of past miscarriages or are at a higher risk of miscarriage, you should avoid the sex during the pregnancy, or you can also consult your doctor and ask them about the same.

What Is The Best Position For Sex During The Pregnancy?

In the later phase of the pregnancy, the doctor advises people to choose a position that doesn’t put pressure on the pregnant belly, so avoid the missionary sex position during the pregnancy. Now talking, the best position for a pregnant lady is women on the top, spooning, sitting at the edge of the bed, or any other position in which the women feel comfortable where she can control the speed and depth of the vaginal penetration.

If you think about oral or anal sex during pregnancy, you should keep a few things in mind. You should avoid blowing air into the vagina during the pregnancy because air bubbles may lead to blood vessel blockage, which can be dangerous for both the baby and the lady.

Is Oral Sex During Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not?

However, oral sex is completely safe, and you can perform it throughout the pregnancy. But you must avoid blowing into the vagina. Some medical professionals suggest that anal sex can be uncomfortable if the lady suffers from pregnancy-related haemorrhoids.

Note- If you perform anal sex during the pregnancy, you should avoid anal sex followed by vaginal penetration because this can spread bacteria from the rectum to the vagina, resulting in infection.

Now I hope explained topic “sex during pregnancy is safe or not” is completely understood now. But If you still have any doubts or questions regarding sex during pregnancy is safe or not, do ask your question below in the comment box. You can also share your feedback and suggestions in the comment. And at last, I’ll ask you to share this information with the couple so that they can have a clear about whether sex during pregnancy is safe or not. 

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    Great post. Additionally, You should avoid oral sex during pregnancy or blowing air into the vagina during the pregnancy because air bubbles may lead to blood vessel blockage, which can be dangerous for both the baby and the lady.


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