Nausea During Pregnancy: Causes, & Management

Nausea, the feeling of vomiting, is one of the common complained during the pregnancy. Several kinds of research exhibited that more than 70% of pregnant women experience nausea at some point in their early gestation. Hence it is considered as one of the universal sign of the pregnancy.

Nausea is not only known to be one of the indicators of the pregnancy, but it is the typical symptoms throughout the first trimester (First 3 months) & sometimes it may occur for the more extended period.

What Are The Cause Of Nausea?

The cause of nausea & vomiting during the pregnancy is still known although it is considered that the feeling of vomiting is may be due to the production of the HCG, i.e., Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone, also known as pregnancy hormone. A recent study of more than 2400 pregnant women has shown that women with severe morning sickness have a high level of the HCG hormone than the others. The HCG hormone release when the fertilized egg cell attached to the uterine lining.

Some other Factors Of Nausea

It not only occurs due to the production of the typical pregnancy hormone but also due to the risk level of the Estrogen. Rising of estrogen level during the pregnancy also increase the frequency of vomiting during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Increased symptoms of Nausea during pregnancy could be due to alcohol or drug consumption. That’s why it is advisable to seek expecting mothers addiction treatment if symptoms increase to a risky level.

Nausea Management Or Treatment

The treatment of the nausea is during the pregnancy is complete depending upon the self-care and on the home remedies. Here are some home remedies which you should look

1. Stay Hydrated

Some of the experts believe that the more dehydrated you become, the more nauseous you will become hence staying properly hydrated can be your one of the best prevention. Drinking 7-8 glass of water is recommended to keep yourself hydrated.

2. Eat Little and Repeat

The empty stomach may increase the frequency of the feeling of vomiting. But overeating is not the solution because it can overtax your digestive system which leads to nausea. Thus eat little and then a few more (six time in a day).

3. Lie down

Sometimes sleeping can be the best solution for avoiding the feeling of vomiting. Most of the experience women and even some gynecologist believes that sleeping is one of the great ways to prevent morning sickness. Proper sleep you 7-8 hours is crucial during the pregnancy.

4. Take vitamin

Some vitamin such as B-6 is used to reduce the feeling of vomiting thus ask about vitamin B-6 supplement. B-6 is one of the proven to help reduce the felling of vomiting.

Some of the experienced women firmly believe that the natural or home remedies do not help in reduction of the feeling of nausea. But they also say that it can provide some relief but not as much as relief you would like. Hence consult your doctor if the frequency of feeling of vomiting remains the same.

The feeling of nausea can be irritating but it is not harmful to you & your baby even sometimes nausea is considered as the sign of the healthy pregnancy. But you should also know that lack of feeling of vomiting and morning sickness is not the matter of significant concern because there is some case of healthy pregnancy without the feeling of nausea.

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