Death Caused By Waterborne Disease In Last 5 Years?

We’re living in a world of technology but still talking about the death occurred by waterborne diseases. Here we’ll discuss how many people lost their lives due to drinking of contaminated water or water borne diseases. But first of all, you should know that what waterborne diseases are?

Sickness occurs due to drinking of contaminated water is consider as waterborne diseases. Diseases such as Cholera, Diarrhoea, Typhoid, and Viral Hepatitis are some common types of waterborne diseases. According to the latest government data, waterborne diseases killed 10,738 lives from 2012-2017 in India. Official data claimed that out of all the above-listed disease Diarrhoea is the leading killer — all most 60% of lives lost due to the Diarrhoea.

Number Of Death Occurred By Waterborne Diseases

This table contains the total number of the case registered & death occurred due to the waterborne diseases in India between 2013 to September 2017.

Diseases 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Case Deaths Case Deaths Case Deaths Case Deaths Case Deaths
Acute Diarrhoeal Diseases 11413610 1629 11748631 1137 12913606 1353 14166574 1555 9230572 840
Cholera 1130 5 844 5 913 4 718 3 385 3
Typhoid 1650145 387 1736687 425 1937413 452 2215805 511 1493050 286
Viral Hepatitis 110125 574 138554 400 140861 435 145970 451 98086 283

Source: Lok Sabha

Waterborne Diseases Can be Prevented!

Waterborne diseases in India can be avoided with improved access to safe drinking water. The number of households provided with safe drinking water in India increased from 62% in 1991 to 86% in 2011. The number of lives lost due to drinking of contaminated water occurs mainly in ruler area than urban, said by WHO.

India is the largest groundwater user among all the country in the world, around 25% of global consumption of groundwater occurs in India. Census consider that the water supply from the hand pump & tube well is as healthy as piped drinking water but several types of research say that these sources are the vector of waterborne diseases.

India Loses 73 Million Working Days

According to the 2011 Census data, more than 50% of Indian household don’t have a drinking water source, and in a rural area, it is around 63%. It also claimed that every 5th household in the rural sector needs to move more than 50 m to have drinking water. According to the Human Development Survey (IHDS II), one out of four spends more than half (1/2) hours walking to a water source.

It is estimated that more than 37.7 million Indian affected by waterborne diseases yearly. A survey determined that various types of microbes contaminate over 1/3 of the rural groundwater. The germs or pathogens are transmitted mostly due to the contaminated water. But most of this contamination can be prevented by using proper maintenance of water source.

But about 74% of the rural population don’t use any water filtration system or water disinfection methods. Use of a water purification system can remove all types of contamination present in the water and can make it safe for drinking purposes.

Avoid Water Contamination Use Water Purification System

A report says that by the end of 2024 the water purifier sales are going to touch $4.1 billion, but still, one person dies in every four hours due to waterborne diseases in India. Not all the infected person lost them, but those who survive have weakened immune system which affects their whole lives. The number of a child suffering from waterborne diseases is very high, but the use of proper water management can reduce this ratio.

Waterborne diseases are the matter of significant concern because it not only affects Indian, but almost the whole world is facing this issues. The death ratio which occurs due to drinking of contaminated water is more than 3 million across the globe. It is estimated that 90% of the freshwater source of China is infected & unsafe from the drinking purposes. Thus we all need to work together to avoid this epidemic disease.

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