An Overview About Water Purification System

water purification system

A water purification system is mainly, used to treat all types of impurities present in the water. There are various types of water purification system such as water purifier and water softener. These days you can’t think a healthy life without a water purification unit because water contains a large amount of water pollutant which can cause harmful diseases in your body. So having a water purifier purification system is essential for drinking pure & healthy water.

A water purification system is capable of eliminating all kind of pollutant. Water is a natural solvent dissolved almost everything in it which makes the water contaminated. The primary contaminant of water is dissolved chemical, biological waste (bacterial, fungus, algae, Virus & other micro-organisms), etc. These pollutants can’t be removed easily unless it is appropriately treated by a water purification system. Thus a water purification & treatment ascent system protect you and your family health by lowering the chances of waterborne diseases.

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Methods of Water Purification System

This system allows you to access pure and healthy drinking water. Some of the technique of the water purification process is listed below:

  • Filtration
  • Sedimentation
  • Disinfection
  • Distillation

1. Filtration

It is a straightforward process which is used to separate the solids particle from the water. In this process, water is allowed to pass through a medium which only allows the fluid to pass through it. There are various types of filtration such as hot filter, cold filter, & vacuum filter.

2. Sedimentation

It is a physical process which is used to eliminate the suspended particle which is present in the water using the gravity. In this process water is allowed to pass through the sediment basin, sediment basin is a large tank in where the velocity of the water is very low which helps the suspended particle to settle at the bottom.

3. Disinfection

Removal of micro-organism from the water is considered as disinfection. It can be achieved by chlorine, ozone, UV rays, etc. Chlorine is a strong oxidant which destroys the micro-organism present in the water whereas UV rays, i.e., ultra violate rays kills or suspend the growth of the micro-organism present in the water.

4. Distillation

This process is mainly used for the separation of any substance from a liquid mixture through the selective boiling and condensation. Distillation is used to achieve the complete or particle separation. Distillation process causes a higher concentration of the particular compound.

Equipment Used For Water Purification System

Here is some equipment which used for water purification are

1. Water Purifier

A water purifier is mainly used to treat the various types of impurities present in the water. It is primarily based on the reverse osmosis, i.e., RO technology. In this technology, water is allowed to pass through a semi-permeable membrane which only allows the water to move through it. The semipermeable membrane present in the RO water purifier is known as an RO membrane which is made up of synthetic plastic material which has several fine pores. This technology is widely accepted and useful for the removal of almost all types of impurities. The water purified by RO water purifier is 100% safe for drinking purposes.

2. Water Softener

Equipment which is mainly used to overcome the hard water problem is considered as a water softener. When you water has more concentration of calcium and magnesium ion, then the water is regarded as hard water. A water softener converts the hard water into soft water. This machine exchanges the calcium & magnesium present in the water with the sodium ions which makes the water soft. Water treated by water softener is not suitable for the drinking purpose.

Hope this post will provide you with an overview of the water purification system. Having a water purification system at your place ensure you that you’re safe from the various types of deadly sickness. Before having a water purification system must know your regular water quality, this will help you to get the best water purification machine according to your requirement.

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