Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In India- Better & Independent Future 

Are you looking for an alcohol rehabilitation centers in India? Don’t worry; your search has landed you at the best place. Here we have listed the best alcohol rehabilitation center with their contact details and pricing.

Generally, an alcohol rehabilitation centers in India is mistaken for a place where the alcoholic is kept captive and undergoes tough treatment, but it is entirely wrong. At the best alcohol rehabilitation centre, the alcohol addicted person is encouraged to participate in group discussion and meetings in a group from different walks of life. 

List Of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers In India

Here we have listed India’s 5 best alcohol de-addiction recovery center, which helps you get a treat and find relief from your addictions.


Alcoholic Rehabilitation Center




Alpha Healing Center

Vadodara Gujarat 


Abhaya Addiction Recovery Center

Kanakapura Road, Bengaluru 


Anatta Humanversity

Juhu, Mumbai


Sanctum Wellness

Chhatarpur Rd, Delhi


Jagruti Rehabilitation Center

Hadapsar, Pune

Health Effects Of Drinking Alcohol 

Alcohol starts affecting your body from the moment you take your first sip. If you consume a little too much alcohol once in a while, it is not a cause for significant concern, but it may badly affect your body’s health if you regularly drink heavily. 

One glass of alcohol a day may cause little damage to your overall health. But if your habit grows and you start consuming too much alcohol a day, then it may harm you both physically and mentally in various ways. 

1. Liver Damage

Alcohol is a toxin, and it is your liver’s job to flush it out from your body. But if you consume too much alcohol regularly, then your liver fails to perform their job. It because alcohol destroys the liver cells, and this condition leads to a health disease called cirrhosis. Sometimes too much alcohol consumption causes fatty liver disease. In this condition drinker’s liver does not perform work as well as it should. 

2. Heart Disease

Excess drinking causes various types of heart diseases like angina, high blood pressure, and an increased risk of heart failure. Stroke is considered as one of the potentially deadly complications of drinking too much alcohol. 

3. Pancreatitis 

Overconsumption of drinking leads to Pancreatitis, and In this condition, drinkers experience inflammation in their Pancreas. This inflammation may occur in Pancreas due to premature activation of proenzymes to the pancreatic enzyme. According to the research, more than 70% of total Pancreatitis mainly occurs due to too much alcohol drinking. 

4. Cancer

Alcohol consumption also increases the risk of different kinds of Cancer such as Cancer of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, colon, rectum, and various other drinkers but do not worry occasionally do not cause Cancer. If you consume both tobacco and too much alcohol regularly, you are at a higher risk of getting cancer.

5. Brain Damage

Alcohol can reduce the communication between your brain and your body. As a result, it makes coordination more difficult. That is why we are strictly recommended not to drive after drinking. Too much alcohol consumption damages your CNS, i.e., central Nervous System. As a result, you may experience a tingling sensation in your feet and hands.  

Almost all cities has their own Alcohol rehabilitation centers in India so no matter in which city you live just search for alcohol rehabilitation centre.  To contact with best alcohol rehabilitation search alcohol rehabilitation centers in India near me in your mobile/laptop browser. Now wait for few seconds as your browser will display list of best alcohol rehabilitation centers in India so that you can contact them according to your needs.

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