World IVF Day 2022- Let’s Explore IVF And It Benefits

25th July is celebrated as “WORLD IVF DAY”.

This day is celebrated to commemorate the first baby born through IVF technology. On this day in 1978, the first baby, Louise Brown, was born through IVF. And from then 25th July is celebrated as the “WORLD IVF DAY”.

Do you know??

Since 1978 more than 3 million babies have been born globally through IVF technology. But still, many people aren't aware of IVF and its benefits.

Today (in 2022), I’m writing about World IVF Day to increase awareness about this. Yes, a huge population across the globe, especially in India, is unaware of IVF. If you’re among those unknown to IVF, read my other article, “IVF Surrogacy“.

However, if you’re reading this post, then it is quite obvious that you are aware of IVF and its benefits. But below, I’ve briefly described IVF and IVF costs in Delhi. So, read this post till the end and leave your comment below.

What Is IVF?

Before we start discussing what IVF is, let’s discuss what the IVF full form in medical?

The IVF full form in medical is In vitro fertilization. And it is a process which is performed outside the body or in the lab.

IVF Is A Boon For Those Couples Who Are Unable To Have Baby Naturally. In This Process, The Sperm And Egg Are Collected From The Future Parents, And These Cells Are Allowed To Fuse In The Lab. After The Fertilization, The Fertilize Egg Is Transferred To The Female Vagina.

Yes, this is a very simple process, but it needs certified doctors to perform IVF. Read our other article to find the “List Of IVF Centers In India”. Those lists will help you find the right IVF centre to get better treatment.

Being a parent is a wonderful feeling, but not all are privileged to have a child, and the reason can be anything like their lifestyle, sperm quality or egg quality, age, and many more. If you and any of your family members or friends are not conceiving naturally, then IVF is the best option.

This World IVF Day in 2022 educates people about IVF and spares awareness about the same so that all the needing couples can enjoy their parenthood.

What Is The Benefits Of IVF?

IVF has multiple benefits, but below I’ve shared a few crucial benefits of IVF. So, let’s discuss them one by one.

  • It increases the chance of healthy pregnancy by a large percentage
  • Improve the chance of healthy pregnancy among the couple who can’t conceive naturally
  • Reduces the chances of fallopian tube surgery
  • IVF helps people with premature menopause to bear a child
  • IVF treatment allows the same-sex couple or single parent to have a child

Note- These days, the infertility rate is increasing globally, the reason can be anything like stressful and unhealthy lifestyle and many more.

Do you know??

Every year more than 60-80 million infertile couples are reported globally, and almost 25% (15-20 million) cases are reported in India (CLICK TO READ). According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in every four couples in developing countries is affected by infertility.

Yes, infertility can be an issue, but IVF is something that can reduce this rate. So, this World IVF Day in 2022, spread awareness about infertility and IVF among citizens.

Final Verdict

In India, people are not much aware of IVF technology. So, people like us, who know the benefits of IVF, should take responsibility and spread In vitro fertilization awareness. This will help those couples who can’t conceive naturally.

So, spread this post among your family, friends, and social media community and help needy couples. Your single share can gift someone the “PARENTHOOD”.

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