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IVF Cost in Delhi ranges between Rs. 1.25 lakhs to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. This includes all the procedures, medication, and giagnosis.  IVF cost in Delhi also depends upon the IVF centres, so you need to be lit carefully while selecting the IVF centre in Delhi.

Here in the article, I’ll discuss IVF cost in Delhi and later focus on a few factors for IVF cost reduction in Delhi. So keep reading this post till the end and do share your feedback. Healthy Tips4us welcomes all your feedback and suggestions.

Delhi is the nation’s capital and has better medical facilities; thus, people across the nation visit Delhi and other Delhi NCR reasons for IVF treatment. So, if you, too, are planning for IVF treatment and searching for IVF costs, this post is for you.

There are multiple IVF centre in Delhi, and all of them are promising that they are the best & having a high success rate, so guys, be careful and choose the right IVF centre. I’ve already published one article regarding the best IVF center in India.

Before further discussing, check the below-listed table

IVF Cost In Delhi- Price For Different IVF Treatment

Treatment Price
IVF Cycle (Basic) Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 75,000/-
IUI Rs. 8,000/- to 10,000/-
ICSI Treatment Rs. 20,000/- to 35,000/- (Excluding IVF cost)
Surrogacy Rs. 3,00,000/- to 5,00,000/-

 Note- The above-listed IVF cost in Delhi is a rough idea. Thus it may vary. This price only includes treatment costs. Medicine, laboratory, and other expenses are excluded.

Hey, are you wondering what these processes are? Don’t worry. I’ve elaborated on all these treatments briefly in the other section to make you understand completely. A brief idea about these treatments will help you understand the difference.

  • IVF Cycle– In this process the egg is collected from the mother and fertilized by using the father’s sperm in the lab. After the fertilization, the fertilized egg (embryo) is transferred into the uterus
  • IUI– It is called Intrauterine insemination. Sperm is collected, washed and directly injected into the uterus in this process
  • ICSI Treatment– Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection. A single sperm cell is directly injected into the mature egg in this treatment
  • Surrogacy In this process, women agree to carry a baby for someone else

Hope now it is clear to you all. Below is the table that will help you understand the price of some add on treatments that you may or may not need. These treatments are

Facility Price
Donor Egg Rs. 30,000/- to 40,000/-
Embryo Adoption/Donor Embryo Rs. 40,000/- to 50,000/-
Donor Sperm Sample Rs. 4,500/- to 5,500/-
Laser-Assisted Hatching Of Embryo Rs. 10,000/- to 20,000/-
Blastocyst Culture Of Embryo Rs. 10,000/- to 20,000/-
Frozen Thaw Embryo Transfer (FET) Rs. 40,000/- to 20,000/-

 Note- These treatments are just an add on treatment. So if your doctor asks you for these treatments, then the above-listed table will help you calculate the exact IVF cost in Delhi.

Few Other Factors That May Influence The IVF Cost In Delhi

In the above section, I’ve deeply discussed the IVF cost in Delhi. In this section, I’ll be discussing a few crucial tests that may influence your IVF cost in Delhi. So, guys, pay more attention to this.

These tests are

  • Preimplantation Genetic Screening Or Diagnosis (PGS/PGD)

This genetic screening checks chromosomal anomalies like aneuploids (adding/missing chromosome), chromosomal aberrations, translocations, and single-gene disorders. This test is mainly recommended for couples with a high chance of hereditary disorders. Thus this may influence the IVF cost in Delhi.

  • Testicular Sperm Extraction (TESE)

In this process, doctors extract sperm directly from the testicular, called sperm-producing organs. This is mainly done when there is no sperm retrieval or ejaculation. Testicular Sperm Extraction may also influence the IVF treatment cost in Delhi.

Factors To Consider For IVF Cost Reduction In Delhi

However, nothing is worth more than the joy of being a parent; thus, for the same, no cost is higher. But At a trusted IVF centre you get IVF treatment at an affordable cost. Thus, you should consult with India’s best and most reliable IVF centre.

Not only considering the best IVF treatment centre will going to help you. So, below are a few important tips and if you consider these listed factors while IVF, you ensure to get the best treatment at an affordable IVF cost in Delhi.

So, guys, Let’s get started.

Before scheduling your IVF treatment in Delhi, you should consider below some crucial facts.

#1. IVF Centres

An essential factor that affects the IVF cost in Delhi is IVF centres. The best IVF centre in Delhi has expert doctors who have several years of experience delivering results in one single cycle. Thus consulting the right IVF center is quite crucial.

#2. Medicine Cost

In the IVF process, particular fertility medicine and hormone stimulating injections like progesterone are used. These medicines & injections are used to support IVF treatment. So do ask it before you go ahead and start IVF treatment. Usually, the medicinal cost varies from patient to patient.

#3. Number Of IVF Cycle

A higher number of IVF cycles means a higher price. So, do your research and select only those centres that are experts in delivering the result in a single IVF cycle.

Do You Know???

The IVF success rate is associated with the women’s age, health, and lifestyle. In younger women, the IVF treatment success rate is higher.

#4. Selection Of Right IVF Package

The various centres have different IVF packages, so you need to choose the best. And for this, do ask your IVF counsellor as they are experts so that they will help you with the right choice. However, an expert recommends selecting a secure IVF package for couples with multiple failed IVF cycles.

#5. Accommodation

If you’re not a resident of Delhi or Delhi NCR reason then before you select the IVF treatment center in Delhi, do consider accommodation cost because it is a factor that may influence the IVF cost in Delhi.  

IVF Success Rate With Cost

Here is one more thing you should know, guys, the IVF centres in Delhi have 3 different packages for the patients.

Yes, and these packages are designed according to the IVF success rate. So, check this IVF cost and its success rate.

IVF Success Rate IVF Cost In Delhi (Min.) IVF Cost In Delhi (Max.)
Fair Rs. 1,00,000/- Rs. 1,50,000/-
Good Rs. 1,50,000/- Rs. 2,20,000/-
High Rs. 2,20,000/- Rs. 2,50,000/-

 Note- If you’ve multiple IVF failure histories, IVF treatment with a high success rate is best for you. Ask your doctor which IVF is best for you and listen to them carefully for the best solution.

Fats About IVF Treatment
  • IVF treatment success rate is 40% if women aged 35
  • If the women’s age is 40, then the IVF success rate is 30%
  • The IVF success rate is only 9% of women aged is 40-to 45

The most important thing is how to select the best IVF centre in Delhi? This is as crucial as considering IVF cost because, in Delhi, there are multiple IVF centres, so check these below-listed points and initiate your search in the same fashion

  • Search IVF center in Delhi
  • List Delhi’s 5 best IVF centres
  • Now check their IVF cost in Delhi list along with other features
  • Check for the previous patient review & ratings
  • Talk to the selective IVF center executives and ask about IVF success rate, additional charges and other things

Considering these above-listed things will help you in consulting the right IVF center, and it also helps you get the best IVF treatment at competitive IVF cost in Delhi. And selecting the best hospital ensures the best treatment and economical IVF cost in Delhi.

I hope now you are pretty much aware of the IVF cost in Delhi. If you’ve other opinions, do let me know below in the comment box. Healthy Tips4us welcome all your feedback and suggestions. And also, share this article with your friends and family members. Your one simple step may help people to have their baby. 

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