Does Beer Help Kidney Stones?

It is said that beer helps in kidney stone removal. Thus it is a common question among people suffering from a kidney stones.

If you too are seeking this fact, this post is for you.

Yes, here in this article, we’ll be discussing the fact that does beer help kidney stones? So, keep reading this article till the end and leave your questions and feedback below in the comment section.

Before we proceed further, let’s discuss what kidney stones actually are and how it forms?

Kidney stones are crystal deposits that are collected in the kidney. These crystals mainly consist of uric acids and calcium. Kidney stones can be of various sizes, which results in painful urination. There are various reason that increases the chance of kidney stones, and these are

Note- Dehydration may also lead to kidney stones; thus, an expert suggests you should drink 3-4 litres of water daily regularly.

Coming back to our main topic, “Does beer help kidney stones.”

Actually, Beer Is A Diuretic, Which Increases The Frequency Of Urination And Helps Pass Out More Urine. Thus, The Small Sized Stones are Excreted Out. But The Stone Size Larger Than 5 mm Can’t Be Excreted Via Urine. So If Your Stone Size Is Higher Than 5 mm, Then Consuming Beer Can Be Painful.

As beer increases the urination frequency, people believe that beer help excrete kidney stone, but it is not true. However, an article published at Time Of India there are few studies which claim that consuming beer in moderate concentration may help in the excretion of kidney stones. But no scientific studies support this concept.

Beer Versus Kidney Stone

As discussed in the above section, beer being a diuretic increases the urine frequency.  But it is not directly linked to kidney stone excretion.

It Is Not Yet Clear That Drinking Beer Will Remove Kidney Stone, But It Is Clear That If You Drink Beer For A Long Time, Not Only The Risk Of Kidney Stone Will Increase, But Many Other Health-Related Problems Will Also Increase.

As we all know, beer contains alcohol (5% Alcohol by volume). And alcohol possess various health issues also. One of the most common health issues related to beer consumption is that it leads to dehydration. And dehydration ultimately increases the chance of kidney stones itself.

Apart from that, it also triggers various other health issues. Below we’ve listed a few other health issues associated with prolonged beer consumption. These are

  • Obesity– regular consumption of beer leads to the obesity, which is the major cause of kidney stone
  • Increase Uric acid in Body– beer contains a constituent that increases the uric acid concentration in your body. And improved uric acid concentration in the body is another factor for kidney stone
  • Liver damage– Alcohol in beer directly impact your liver that may result in disturbed metabolism, which again leads to the kidney stone

Final Verdict

If you are suffering from a kidney stone, immediately consult the Urologist and take the proper treatment. The expert will examine your test report and suggest you a better option.

Usually, in the case of small-size kidney stones, doctors prescribe medicine, but if you have bigger-size kidney stones, they prefer surgery. So, instead of believing in myth like beer help in kidney stone, consult the best Urologist and take adequate treatment for the same.

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