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Glucometer is one of the must-have equipment for every house in India. If you wonder why? Then keep reading this article as today we will be discussing why you should have a Glucometer at your home and which is the best Glucometer in India to buy in 2021?

A Glucometer is an electronic device that helps you to measure your blood glucose level within a few seconds at your home. Our nation, India holds the second-highest position globally with 77 million diabetic patients, and people suffering from diabetes need to monitor their blood glucose levels regularly. So having the best Glucometer at your house in India can be helpful.

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Hey, Wait, you need to know, Glucometer neither lowers your blood glucose level nor treats your diabetes but it helps you in determining your blood sugar level regularly so that you can maintain blood sugar level within a healthy limit.

Here in this post, we will be discussing the 10 best Glucometers in India which you can purchase for your house in 2021. And we will also elaborate on the working of Glucometers, and the thing you should consider while buying a glucometer in India along with its buying guide and benefits of having a Glucometer.  

List Of Best Glucometer In India 2021

  • Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Vial of 10 strips free (Multicolor)
  • Accu-Chek Instant glucometer with 10 test strips FREE (White)
  • One Touch Verio Flex meter with 10 Free Strips
  • Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips
  • Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer (Bluetooth) (Black)
  • Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 10 Strips(Black)
  • Accusure Sugar check machine
  • Control D Orange 50 Strips & Glucometer
  • Dr. Morepen BG-03 Test Strips – 100 Strips (Multicolor)
  • Ganatra Flat Glucometer Blood Lancet Use for Accu Chek, 500 Pieces (White)

10 Best Glucometer In India With Price 2021

Best Glucometer In India Name


Buy At Amazon

Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Vial of 10 strips free (Multicolor)


Accu-Chek Instant glucometer with 10 test strips FREE (White)


One Touch Verio Flex meter with 10 Free Strips


Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips


Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer (Bluetooth) (Black)


Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 10 Strips(Black)


Accusure Sugar check machine

Rs- 600/-

Control D Orange 50 Strips & Glucometer

Rs- 999/0

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Test Strips - 100 Strips (Multicolor)


Ganatra Flat Glucometer Blood Lancet Use for Accu Chek, 500 Pieces (White)


10 Best Glucometer In India

#1. Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucose Meter Kit, Vial of 10 strips free (Multicolor)

This Glucometer is our top pick. Below we will discuss this in detail about this product. Accu chek Glucometer is a manufacturer by Roche Diabetes Care, one of the leading brands that focus on tracking and managing blood sugar levels.

Accu Chek Active Blood Glucometer Key Features

  • Gives Accurate Reading– This Glucometer is one of the most accurate glucose measuring devices as it is ISO 15197:2013 certified. This certification is for the standard of accuracy
  • Easy To Use– Accu chek Glucometer is easy and convenient to use as it doesn’t require a coding chip 
  • Re-Dosing Option– Comes with a re-dose option. If you failed to get result due to an insufficient amount of blood, then the Accu chek active blood Glucometer gives you 10 seconds window to re-dose the strip properly
  • Data Storage– It comes with data storage facilities. Yes, in this device, you can store up to 500 readings
  • Enable Data Transfer– This Glucometer comes with a built-in USB port that enables you to transfer your blood glucose readings to a computer or laptop.

#2. Accu-Chek Instant Glucometer With 10 Test Strips Free (White)

Again the manufacturer of this Glucometer is Roche Diabetes Care. This Glucometer enables you to check your blood sugar level easily and smoothly. Accu chek Glucometer gives you accurate blood sugar level within 5 seconds.

Accu Chek Instant Glucometer Key Features

  • Accurate Reading– This is also ISO 15197: 2013 certified product so that you can trust its blood glucose reading 
  • Give Quick Reading: Accu chek instant Glucometer gives you instant results within 4 seconds. So it is both quick and accurate
  • Data Storage & Transfer: This Glucometer allows you to store up to 500 readings. Thus you can easily track your every second-day blood sugar level, and it also contains a built-in USB port, and which enables you to transfer your Glucometer reading to your computer and laptop
  • Automatic Off– Accu chek Glucometer is fully automatic, automatically getting off 90 seconds after performing a test, 15 seconds after strip removal, and 5 seconds after the last test result screen
  • Re-dosing: It offers maximum time for re-dosing. If you fail to get the blood sugar result for the first time due to insufficient blood, then this Glucometer gives you a few seconds window to re-dose your strip so that you can get your blood glucose level properly without wasting your strip

#3. One Touch Verio Flex meter with 10 Free Strips

One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer is one of the innovative devices manufactured by Johnson & Johnson to measure blood glucose levels at your home, which is beneficial for those who have diabetes. This electronic device is technologically advanced and also brings accurate blood sugar reading within a few seconds. Thus these features made One Touch Verio Flex one of the best Glucometers in India.

One Touch Verio Flux Glucometer Key Feature

  • Technologically Advanced- One Touch Verio Flex Glucometer comes with colorsure® technology, ensuring clear blood sugar reading after the test. This technology helps you with clear visibility of blood glucose level reading
  • Quick Result– This Glucometer bring results within “5” seconds
  • Easy To Carry– It is compact that comfortably fits in your hand, thus making it an on-the-go Glucometer
  • Data Storage/ Transfer– On Touch Verio Flex Glucometer allow you to save up to 500 reading and along with that, it also enable you to transfer your reading to your computer and laptop with the help of a built-in USB port and Bluetooth
  • Smooth Lancing Process– This device is incorporated with One Touch® Delica® technology, making the lancet process smooth. Around 80% of people claim that One Touch® Delica® gives you painless blood glucose testing as compared to the other lancet

#4. Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 60 Strips

Dr Trust blood glucose monitoring device is one of the smartest health care devices which helps you to monitor blood sugar level on the patient accurately, quickly, and smoothly. Taidoc Technology Corporation manufactures this Glucometer. It requires a small concentration of blood to monitor sugar level. 

Dr Trust (USA) Fully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Key Features

  • Accurate & Fast– You can trust the reading provided by Dr Trust fully automatic Glucometer. It is one of the widely used Glucometers which claims to bring accurate and instant result for blood sugar
  • Requires Less Blood Sample– Dr Trust Glucometer requires very little concentration of blood as a sample, and this is the reason it makes blood sugar testing painless
  • Unique Features– This Glucometer comes with a unique feature, and that is a smiley indicator. It means the blood glucose level displays with the smiley. If your blood glucose reading is satisfactory, then the result will display with the happy smiley, and if the result is unsatisfactory, then the result will display with the sad smiley
  • Reminder Alarm Function– Dr Trust (USA) fully automatic blood sugar testing Glucometer machine allow you to set the alarm as a reminder for taking a blood sample and performing a blood sugar test 
  • Ketone Alert– Along with blood sugar level measurement this Glucometer also warns you against rising ketones level in blood. This provides you protection against diabetes ketoacidosis or DKA

#5. Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer (Bluetooth) (Black)

Accu chek Guide Glucometer has raised the Glucometer bar to the next level. Yes, this Glucometer not only brings your blood sugar reading within “4” minutes but also automatically transfers it to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. These are the few reasons this Glucometer is best among all and widely used in India in 2021. 

Accu-Chek Guide Glucometer Key Feature

  • Accurate Reading– Like other Accu chek Glucometer, this is also ISO 15197:2013 and EN ISO 15197: 2015 certified, ensuring you with accurate blood sugar reading
  • Fast & Reliable– This Glucometer bring result with “4” second, and you can trust its reading, so it is both fast and reliable 
  • Data Storage– It can store at least 720 blood sugar testing result in its database, but it only stores your last blood glucose level and 7, 30, and 90-day average reading, which you can check easily
  • Smooth Data Transfer Facility– Accu chek guide Glucometer comes with Bluetooth and an in-built USB port so that one can easily transfer their Glucometer reading to their mobile with the help of mySugar mobile application
  • Easy To Use– It is simple to use, and unlike other Glucometers, this doesn’t require a blood sample at any specific place. In this Glucometer, a small drop of blood can be placed anywhere on the test strip

#6. Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Machine with 10 Strips (Black)

Dr trustworthy automatic Blood sugar testing Glucometer machine makes your blood glucose testing process smooth and brings accurate results within time. Thus it measures your blood sugar level accurately and comfortably. This Glucometer requires a small concentration of blood to measure your sugar level and this is why the testing process is nearly painless. 

Dr TrustFully Automatic Blood Sugar Testing Glucometer Key Features

  • Ketone Alert– Along with the blood glucose level, this Glucometer also alerts you against ketone’s level in your blood. So this provides you protection against diabetes ketoacidosis, i.e., DKA
  • Comes With Unique Features– This Glucometer comes with the smiley indicator. Few of your blood glucose readings are satisfactory. The result will display with the happy smiley. If the reading is unsatisfactory, then the result will display with a sad smiley
  • 3 Modes Available– It has 3 different modes and, i.e., is the general mode, AC mode, and PC mode. The AC mode performs blood glucose before your meal or during fasting condition, whereas the PC mode performs blood sugar tests after a meal. And the general mode is for the normal testing
  • Large LCD Screen– To avoid the disability of seeing results, the LCD screen of the Glucometer brings results with a bright and easy-to-read number at night. And it also illuminates the spot where the strip needs to be inserted
  • Fully Automatic With Alarm Reminder– this Glucometer is technologically advanced that makes your work easier. Yes, most of the time, people forget to take a reading, but this device will help you with this as in this Glucometer, you can set the alarm for performing the test at the particular time

#7. Accusure Sugar Check Machine

This is another the best Glucometer in India you can buy in 2021, and Taidoc manufactures it. Accuser Glucometer brings accurate and reliable blood glucose reading quickly, and this is the reason why Accusure Glucometer is one of the best health care instruments which you should buy for your house. It also requires a very low concentration of blood to act, thus making the blood sugar testing process painless.

Accuser Sugar Check Machine Key Features

  • Bring Result Quick & Fast– Accusure Glucometer is known for bringing accurate results within no time. This Glucometer display blood sugar level within 8 seconds
  • Ketone Alert Function– Along with blood sugar measurement, this Glucometer also alert you regarding ketone level in your blood so that you can protect yourself from Diabetes Ketoacidosis or DKA
  • Data Storage– It comes with 1,000 blood glucose readings with date and time so that you can easily track your blood sugar level properly and smoothly
  • Smooth & Hassle-Free Operation– The presence of unnecessary buttons and features makes the device complicated, but Accusure Glucometer is simple to use as it contains only two buttons which allow you to use this product smoothly and effortlessly
  • Best Selling Glucometer In India– This Glucometer is one of the bestselling Glucometer, and it is among top 50 best selling Glucometer. Thus you can trust the reading you get from this Glucometer

#8. Control D Orange 50 Strips & Glucometer

Control D Orange Glucometer is manufactured by Control D, one of the pioneer healthcare managers. They are focused on designing high-quality products that a customer can purchase at the affordable price. This Glucometer uses advanced Amperometric Biosensors to measure blood sugar levels using comparatively low blood concentration.

Control D Orange Glucometer Key Features

  • Accurate Reading– This product fulfills all ISO 15197: 2013 criteria, and its strips are tested YSI Auto analyzer in 3 different labs; thus, you can trust the accuracy of the blood glucose level displayed by this Glucometer after blood sample analysis
  • Easy To Use– This Glucometer take 5 seconds to bring the testing result and also requires a very small concentration of blood; thus, it is both accurate and fast
  • Painless Testing– It requires a small concentration of blood for the blood glucose measurement, and its lancets are very efficient, which makes the process painless
  • Lifetime Warranty– Yes, in case of a manufacturing defect, the organization will replace your device. But the warranty is not applicable for accessories
  • Data Storage– This Glucometer is also enabled you store up to 500 blood glucose reading, and it also enable smooth sync method to mobile app so that you can easily transfer your blood sugar result to your mobile

#9. Dr. Morepen BG-03 Test Strips – 100 Strips (Multicolor)

Dr. Morepen BG 03 Glucometer has got n2d last rank in our 10 best Glucometer in India 2021 list. This Glucometer is highly efficient and easily available in the Indian market. Along with these benefits, this Glucometer also brings accurate and fastest blood glucose reading. Along with Glucometer, Dr. Morepen also manufactures Pulse Oximeter and Thermometer.

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer Key Features

  • Accurate & Reliable– Like others, it also claims that it brings accurate and reliable results. Thus you can trust their blood glucose testing results
  • Easy To Use– As Dr. Morepen manufacture for both home and professional uses thus their products are simple and don’t require any coding so that anyone can use them effortlessly
  • 300 Memories– This Glucometer allow you to save up to 300 reading and it also helps you to your 7, 14 and 31-day average blood sugar level
  • Advance And Unique Feature– It is based on the lasted technology and it displays reading with testing date and time so that you can easily record your blood sugar level
  • Painless Testing– This Glucometer requires a low concentration of blood for performing blood sugar testing, and their lancets are efficient; thus it makes your blood sugar testing process smooth and painless

#10. Ganatra Flat Glucometer Blood Lancet Use for Accu Chek, 500 Pieces (White)

This Glucometer is manufactured by vertex surgical pvt ltd. Ganatra Glucometer is in 10th position in our 10 best Glucometer in India. But wait, it does not mean this is not good and can’t help you to measure blood sugar level. This Glucometer is best in bringing blood sugar level. Ganatra Glucometer makes the testing process painless, so this can be your best choice if you are afraid of blood or experience pain in your figure. 

Ganatra Glucometer Key Features

  • Painless Testing– Ganatra Glucometer lancets have very fine tips which reduce the pain intensity which you experience while pricking
  • Fast And Quick– This Glucometer is the best as it brings blood sugar reading within no time
  • Need Small Concentration Of Blood– It requires a small concentration of blood for testing so the intensity of the pain while pricking will be less, and its lancets tip is also very fine, so you will virtually feel no pain
  • Suitable For Home & Professional Uses– This Glucometer is suitable for both home as well are clinical uses, so no matter what’s your need is, you can buy Ganatra Glucometer without having any issues
  • Accurate Reading– Ganatra Glucometer not only brings quick result and a painless process, but it also ensures accurate reading so that you can buy without having any issues

Some Useful Information About Glucometer

How Does A Glucometer Work?

A Glucometer brings a reading of your blood sugar level by detecting the glucose concentration in your blood. To check the blood sugar level a person picks their skin, usually a finger, and applies the blood on the strip inserted in a monitoring device.

The strip contains a chemical which reacts with the glucose present in the blood. Now an electrical current is passed to the monitor that brings the numerical reading of the sugar present in blood within a few seconds. 

How To Use A Glucometer?

Using a Glucometer is too easy and it doesn’t require any technical or medical experience. Yes, you can easily operate a glucose monitoring device and to help you with this we have listed those processes in very simple language. This step by step guide will help you to operate the device 

  • Wash your hand and wipe it properly with cotton clothes or a towel
  • Place all the required material in front of yourself. These materials are Glucometer, strip, needle, cotton, spirit/Dettol, and others 
  • Take one strip and properly insert it into monitoring device, the monitor will get switched ON
  • Now pick the area of your body part to take to prick using a needle to take blood, usually, people take blood from their middle figure, but it is not restricted so you can prick anywhere according to your convince 
  • Lift the monitor with the inserted strip and place the “Marked Area” of the strip on your body part where you have pricked and don’t move the strip until it absorbs blood properly. Generally, 2-3 drops are good enough to measure blood glucose level
  • Wait for 5 seconds and checked the monitor, your blood sugar is displaying on it in mg/dl
  • Wipe your pricked area properly with cotton using Dettol 

Note- Dispose Of Both Needle And Strip As These Are For Single Use Only

Why Should You Buy Best Glucometer In India? Benefits Of Glucometer

As we have discussed in the above paragraph that around 77 million people in India are suffering from diabetes and each diabetic person needs to measure their blood sugar level every day so that they can manage their sugar level within the healthy limit. So regularly visiting a lab or doctor’s clinic for glucose level check-up can be costly and time-consuming but with the help of Glucometer, these people can check their glucose level at their home or office at every cheap price.

I think it is clear now, having a best Glucometer in India at home is both cost-effective and time-saving. Along with that, a Glucometer also helps diabetic patients to maintain their diet properly to live a healthy lifestyle. Yes, know your blood sugar level then you can plan your diet accordingly but for this, you should get your doctor advice.

Some people complain that their finger hurts due to regular needle pricking but to avoid this, experts across the globe are working hard to bring Glucometer that doesn’t require needle pricking to check blood glucose level. 

How To Check Blood Sugar Level Without Glucometer At Home?

The best way to determine your blood sugar at your home is the use of a Glucometer but if you don’t Glucometer then you can measure it by using Benedict’s solution and via urine. But both of these tests are not as accurate as a Glucometer. We are discussing these methods only for your knowledge and suggest you buy the best Glucometer in India to check the sugar level in your blood.

How To Perform Benedict’s Test

  • Take 1ml of your blood as a sample in a test tube
  • Mix 2ml of Benedict’s solution
  • Place the test tube in a water bath for 3-5 minutes (ensure the water bath temperature is in between 40℃- 50℃
  • The solution color will change green, orange, yellow, and red according to the level of sugar present in your blood

Color Of The Solution

g% of Sugar









The blood sugar level varies according to age, sex, weight, health, and various other factors so before you make any decision may communicate to your doctor. Here we have tabulated blood sugar level for both people with diabetes and people do not have diabetes.

What Does Your Blood Sugar Level Say?

Blood Sugar Level For People With Diabetes

Sample Timing

Blood Sugar Level

Fasting Condition (In Morning)

80-130 mg/dl

Two hours after starting meal

<180 mg/dl

At Bed-Time

<120 mg/dl



Blood Sugar Level For People Do Not Have Diabetes

Sample Timing

Blood Sugar Level

Fasting Condition (In Morning)

<100 mg/dl

Two hours after starting meal

<140 mg/dl

At Bed-Time

<120 mg/dl



Best Glucometer Buying Guide- How To Choose Best Glucometer?

Now here it comes buying a guide for the best Glucometer in Indian 2021. There are various factors which may ruin your best Glucometer deal in India. So before you purchase Glucometer for your home, keep an eye on these below-mentioned factors.

1. Brand

Yes, there are various brands of Glucometers in India and if you are looking for the best deal on Glucometer then you need to focus on this factor. In the above section, we have listed the 10 best Glucometers in India for 2021. Our list is created by several days of research. Having a branded Glucometer ensures you that the reading you are obtaining is accurate.

A trusted and renowned Glucometer brand uses good quality raw material which ensures that the device will work for a longer duration. Hope it is clear that the best Glucometer assures both accuracy and durability.

2. Price

This is another factor that you shouldn’t ignore while buying the best Glucometer in India. Although we have tabulated the best Glucometer with their price in India and all of them have different prices. So you can compare the features of each Glucometer so that you can buy the best Glucometer for your home in India.

3. Mode Of Operation

This is another factor which you must focus on. Based on the mode of operation a Glucometer is of two types. Yes, one is battery-operated and the other is rechargeable. In a battery-operated Glucometer, you need to change its battery regularly after a certain number of tests but a rechargeable Glucometer is like your mobile phone which you charge regularly to make calls.

See, both of these Glucometers have their pros & cons, so it entirely depends on you and your conditions. So decide which one is suitable and the best Glucometer for you, a battery-operated or rechargeable.

Things To Consider While Buying Glucometer in India

In the above section, we have discussed the best Glucometer in India, their benefits, and how to operate Glucometer properly along with their buying guide. But in this section, we will be focusing on some crucial factor which you should consider to get the best deal on Glucometer in India in 2021.

Although it is possible to have various factors for purchasing the best Glucometer in India here we have listed the few most essential factors which you should not avoid else you may end up buying the wrong Glucometer for your house. So without further delay let’s discuss some essential factor to consider while having the best Glucometer in India and these are

1. Accuracy

It is essential to know that the result your Glucometer displaying is 100% accurate. Although usually, a Glucometer shows some variation in the test result that variation ranges between 10-15% and that is completely okay. But in case the variation is higher than the accuracy of the Glucometer can be questioned.

So if you find a high glucose level reading in your Glucometer must consult your doctor and cross-check the result via lab testing. Although buying trusted brands Glucometer ensures accurate reading so you can consider buying only trusted brands of Glucometer. In the above section, we have listed the best Glucometer in India for 2021 and we have also tabulated these Glucometers with their price and amazon buying links.

2. Range Of Blood Sample Required

Various Glucometer requires a various range of blood samples so must consider this point before you pay Glucometer price. As it is seen that few people are too sensitive for pricking while others hate the sight of blood so a Glucometer which requires less than 1ml blood as a sample is considered as the best Glucometer.

3. Data Storage, Display, And Transfer

Technology is getting advanced and now you can store your blood sugar reading in your Glucometer and along with this, you can also transfer your reading to another device like a Phone, computer, and laptop so that you can track your everyday blood glucose level. So you can check for these features in Glucometer while purchasing.

Along with this you also need to check the Glucometer display. Yes, it is also too crucial, a Glucometer should display blood sugar level in easy-to-understand mode. Therefore always select those Glucometer which has a big display screen, with high contrast and easily readable numbers.

4. Warranty

This is one of the common questions among the buyer and you should also check for this as this ensures the quality of the Glucometer. It also prevents spending extra money on repair and exchange. Generally, a Glucometer comes with a 1-5 years warranty period.

5. Check For Additional Feature

This is also crucial so always check for the additional feature like are you getting strips and lancets. You can also check for the screen quality and extra data storage option and various others. Considering this factor helps you to get the best deal on Glucometer in India.

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