Mamaearth- Asia’s Best Personal Care Brand

Mamaearth is one of the revolutionary personal care brands. Personal care is one of the essential practices which may affect your overall health. In the recent past, people have become more conscious of personal care. And Mamaearth enables you to do personal care properly and naturally. 

All Mamaearth’s products are based on the natural ingredient which has very low or no side effects, and in the recent past Mamaearth has grown as one of the reliable personal care brands. This personal care brand manufacturer, various baby, kids, and maternity products.

Mamaearth Products You Can Try

Mamaearth uses scientific and Ayurvedic methods to provide a natural solution to all personal care needs of both adults and babies. And due to these reasons, this brand has become Asia’s first made safe certified toxin-free brand where international standards dermatologically test all the products. Below we have listed a few of the best Mamaearth products which you can try using once without having a fear of side effects.

1. Mamaearth Shampoo

Mamaearth shampoo is mainly used to nourish and moisturize the hair. Along with the hair nourishment and moisturizing, the Mamaearth shampoo is also helpful in hair strengthening. The ingredient used in the Mamaearth shampoo is helpful in preventing the dandruff and excess production of oil in the scalp.

Key Benefits Of Using Mamaeath Shampoo

  • The onion oil present in Mamaearth shampoo stimulates the scalp and increase the blood circulation in your scalp, which helps in hair strengthening and regeneration of hair
  • This onion shampoo makes your hair healthy and makes it frizz-free
  • The Mamaearth shampoo also replenishes your hair and helping in repairing its natural structure

Direction For Use

  • Pour optimum concentration of shampoo on your palm. The shampoo concentration depends on the density of your hair. Now gently massage on wet hair and scalp with your figure tips. Allow it to form leather.
  • Now rinse it carefully and then follow up with the silicone-free conditioner

Safety Information

  • You should keep your Mamaearth shampoo package in a cool and dry place
  • Also, make sure that it is out of children’s reach
  • Please read the information carefully before you apply it to your hair

Key Ingredient Used In Mamaearth Shampoo

  • Biotin

It is vitamin B which helps in protein synthesis; thus, it helps in having healthy, strong, and shiny hair

  • Amla Extract

It is a good source of fatty acids; thus, amla extract strengthening hair follicles, which result in less hair fall

  • Horse Chestnut

This ingredient improves blood circulation in the scalp resulting in a reduction of hair fall and faster regrowth of hair

  • Bhringraj Extract

Bhringraj has antifungal and anti-inflammatory property, and due to this property, it reduces your scalp issues like dandruff and dry, flaky scalp

2. Mamaearth Face Wash

This face wash is mainly used to remove the skin tan and to give you fairer skin. This face wash contains various kinds of natural ingredients. The Liquorice extract present in Mamaearth repairs the sun damaged skin, whereas carrot oil present in Mamaearth removes the tan from the upper layer of skin. Mamaearth face wash is dermatologically tested thus safe for use.

This face wash is also enriched with walnut, which exfoliates dead skin cells, turmeric & saffron, which protects the skin from free radicals and lightens your skin tone.  Thus buying Mamaearth face wash can be the best solution to form your skin.

Why Should You Buy Mamaearth Face Wash?

  • Tan Removal: The carrot seed oil present in Mamaearth face wash removes the tan from the upper layer of the skin and restore the natural fairness
  • Sun Damage Repair: The natural ingredient Licorice present in this face wash repair the skin cells damaged by exposure to the harsh rays of the skin 
  • Exfoliates Dead Skin: Walnut beads present in face wash gently exfoliate dead cells to reveal the natural growth of your face. It makes your skin smooth and refreshed
  • Lighten Skin: This face wash also contains turmeric, which is rich in antioxidants. The antioxidant nature of this face wash protects you from free radical damage and improve your skin tone

Key Ingredient Present In Mamaearth Face Wash

  • Turmeric: Turmeric protects your skin from getting damaged and works as a natural antioxidant
  • Walnut Beads- This natural ingredient exfoliate and scrub off dead cells from the upper layer of the skin
  • Licorice Extract- It repairs the skin and heals the damage caused by the sun
  • Carrot Oil- The carrot oil removes the tan and spots from the skin while revealing a natural glow

Direction For Use

  • Apply coin-sized amount of face wash on a damp face
  • Work up a mild lather & scrub your face gently anti-clockwise circular movements
  • Now rinse it with lukewarm or tap water. Then dry your face with a clean towel

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