Russia Is All Set To Register COVID-19 Vaccine On 12th Of August


According to the report, Russia is all set to register the world’s first COVID-19 vaccine on 12th Of August. The vaccine is jointly developed by Gamaleya Research institute and Russian Defence ministry. On Saturday the Russian Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnew has confirmed the development of the novel coronavirus vaccine. He said that the medical professional and older aged people would be the first to get vaccinated. He also added that the country is planning to begin mass production of the vaccine from October 2020.

The Gamaleya Research Institute director Alexander Gintsburg has said that the vaccine used inanimate particle created based on adenovirus. According to the report of the Sputnik news agency, Gintsburg said that the vaccine has no potential harm to anyone.

He further added that some people might experience fever naturally, as when the immune system of the people gets vaccinated receives a powerful boost, resulting in illness. But this side effect can easily be overcome by taking “Paracetamol”. The director of the Research Institute also said that Gintnburg and other researchers who were involved in the development of the vaccine, first vaccinated themselves to test the vaccine.

Several medical experts have raised their concerns with the Russian COVID-19 vaccine including WHO. The World Health Organization (WHO) said that they had not received any official information or data regarding the Russian vaccine.

On Friday, the leading infectious disease expert in the US has raised its concern with the Russia fast-track approach. The US expert Dr Anthony Fauci said he hoped that Russia and China were “actually testing the vaccine” before administering them to anyone. Dr Fauci further added that the US should have a “safe and effective” vaccine by the end of this year. Dr Fauci said to the US Lawmaker that “ I do not believe that there will be vaccine so far ahead of us that we will have to depend on other countries to get us vaccines”.

The COVID- 19 vaccines are being developed around the world, and more than 20 nation is currently in the clinical trial.

Last month, the Russian Scientist said that the early-stage trial of an adenovirus-based vaccine developed jointly by Gamaleya Research Institute and Russian Defence Ministry had been completed successfully and the result of the vaccine shown great result.

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