3 Best IVF Doctors In Mumbai (2023)

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This article will discuss the 3 best IVF doctors in Mumbai in 2023. An expert team has created our list. This list will help you search for IVF treatment in Mumbai.

So, read this article till the end. In this article, we’ll discuss the factors you should consider while searching for the best IVF centre in Mumbai and the list of Mumbai’s 3 best IVF doctors. As mentioned, they are the best IVF doctors in Mumbai in 2023.

However, there are various IVF specialists in Mumbai, and everyone promises to deliver the best facility and high success rate. Thus, it would be best if you were selective. Click on IVF Cost to check the price for IVF treatment.

List Of Best IVF Doctors In Mumbai (2023)

Best IVF Doctors In Mumbai In One Glance (2023)


IVF Expert Name




Dr. Sneha Mishra

MS, DNB, FNB (Reproductive Medicine), MRCOG (London, UK)

6 years


Dr. Jatin Shah

MBBS, MD- Obstetrics & Gynecology

35 years


Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

MBBS, MD- Obstetrics & Gynecology, FCPS- mILD & Gynae, Fellow Of Indian College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (FICOG)

38 years

Now let’s discuss the above tabulated IVF doctors in detail, like in which treatment they are experts and others.

#3. Dr. Sneha Mishra

With more than 6 years of experience, Dr. Sneha Mishra is one of the best IVF specialists in Mumbai. She has practised strong medical ethics and dedicatedly offers her help to childless couples to conceive. In her 6 years of a medical career, Dr. Sneha Mishra has helped couples to develop and have their child.

She has an accomplished track record and is highly specialized in dealing with Refractory Infertility cases, Repeated IVF failures, Recurrent abortion, egg donors, and fertility programs. Visit Mira hospital and IVF Bhayandar West to book an appointment with Dr Sneha Mishra. 

#2. Dr. Jatin Shah

Dr. Shah is one of Mumbai’s best and leading Obstetric, Gynecological and infertility experts. He has been serving society for the last 35 years. In his 35 years of medical journey, he has helped multiple couples to deliver their baby.

#2. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar

She is a fantastic doctor, and her patients believe there is magic in Dr. Nandita Palshetkar‘s hands. She has 38 years of experience as an IVF specialist. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar is one of the renowned infertility experts in Mumbai. Dr. Palshetkar is polite and believes in providing good support to their patients.

IVF is a simple process, but it needs an expert hand, and consulting with the best IVF doctor ensures you will get the best treatment with a high success rate. So, before getting treatment, check that you have selected the best IVF treatment centre in Mumbai.

Being the financial capital, Mumbai hosts a vast number of populations. People from various states and cities migrate here for shelter and growth. Mumbai’s lifestyle is a little bit hectic and stressful.

A stressful lifestyle leads to a high chance of infertility; thus, the rate of infertility is increasing. The article published at ThePrint exhibits that semen quality is gradually decreasing in India. Therefore, it can be a reason for infertility.

Because of fertility issues, the number of childless couples in India is nearly 10-15%. But with fertility and IVF treatment, this ratio can be reduced. The doctors mentioned above can help you in having your child.

Factors You Should Consider For Selecting The Best IVF Doctor

You should consider various factors while selecting the best IVF doctor in Mumbai. Some of them are listed below: –

#1. Check the Doctor’s Expertise

Yes, IVF is a simple process, but it needs an expert hand; thus, before you schedule your IVF treatment, check doctors’ expertise and how many successful IVF children they have delivered. A single interaction with a doctor can help you feel the atmosphere of the IVF clinic. The best IVF doctors in Mumbai will smoothly explain the precaution and risks involved in the process.

#2. Do you Check Previous Patient Stories?

How does the IVF centre staff behave with their patients?? How advanced is the infrastructure? These are the points that you need to know before you book your appointment. The previous patient story can help you analyse this. Considering these factors will help you select the best IVF doctors in Mumbai.

#3. Check IVF Centre Reputation & Success Rate

The success rate of the IVF centre makes them the best. So, while selecting the best IVF centre in Mumbai, it is always crucial to consider the success rate of the selected centre. Checking several pregnancies has given you a better knowledge of the IVF centre’s success rate. A centre that has a high success rate considering the best IVF centre.

#5. IVF Centre Labs Quality & Control

Modern and advanced technology-based medical equipment is crucial for successful and risk-free IVF treatment. An advanced laboratory helps the embryologist maintain a healthy embryo development atmosphere.

#6. Check Insurance & Cost Options

The IVF cost is important as it may ruin your experience, so you must select the centre wisely. The IVF treatment cost depends on the treatments like IVF, IUI, ICSI, TESE, PESA, and others. You should check your health insurance to see if IVF treatment is added to your treatment list.

How To Find Best IVF Doctors In Mumbai In 2023?

Finding the best IVF hospital in Mumbai can be tricky, so here we’ll explain how you should initiate your search. Below are the few most used way to find the best centre in Mumbai:-

Ask For The Referral:- Ask your family, friends or doctor for suggestions. This will help you reach the best IVF doctors in Mumbai without much hassle.

Take internet help– In 2023, most of the population in Mumbai will have a smartphone with active internet, so with the help of the internet, you can land at the right place. To start your search for best IVF doctors in Mumbai, initiate your finding by searching for the best IVF centre near me in Mumbai. While searching for the best IVF centre near me in Mumbai, you must ensure your device location is enabled.


IVF is one of the most preferred ways to treat infertility issues in both males and females. It is an advanced medical treatment requiring experienced and certified doctors to ensure better and risk-free treatment. In the above section, we have listed the 3 best IVF doctors in Mumbai, so if you live in Mumbai and suffer from infertility issues, you should book an appointment with one of the best IVF doctors in Mumbai to understand your condition.

Frequently Asked Questions

3 Best IVF Doctors In Mumbai

IVF success rate varies depending on the doctor's experience and the women's age. Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Dr. Jatin Shah, and Dr. Sneha Mishra are Mumbai's best IVF doctors.
In India, the success rate of IVF treatment is about 55% if the maternal age is less than 35 years. Although the success % drop significantly as women age.

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