Blue Light Effect On Human Eyes

Blue light is the visible light spectrum, having the shortest wavelength and highest energy level. This light is similar to the UV light. Blue light has both beneficial and harmful effects. Here we are discussing some significant side effects of blue light.

Side Effects Of Blue Light

Blue light cause various eye diseases and eye related issues some crucial side effects of the blue light is listed below

1. Eye Pain

It is a common issue but rarely a symptom of serious diseases. Generally, eye pain resolves without medical treatment or medicine. The eye pain is also called as ophthalmalgia. Depending upon the source of pain, eye pain is of two types, one is Ocular eye pain, and the other is Orbital eye pain. Ocular pain occurs at the surface of your eyes, whereas Orbital pain occurs within your eyes.

2. Dry Eyes

In this condition, your eye doesn’t produce a significant amount of tears to be healthy or comfortable. Dry eye is a chronic disease that has severely affected more than 3 million Americans and 100 million people globally.

3. Blurred vision

The blurred vision refers to the lack of sharpness of vision resulting in permanent loss of sight. Depending upon the causes, this condition can be experienced in one or both eyes. The blurred vision may occur due to various reasons.

4. Watery Eyes

In this condition, the eye secretes excess tears, which gives eyes a glassy look and leads to the tear running eyes. It mainly occurs due to the inflammation of the surface of the eye. There are several other reasons which lead to watery eyes.

5. Age-Related Muscular Degeneration (AMD)

Regular long exposure to blue light leads to age-related muscular degeneration (AMD). Several medical evidence shows that continuous exposure to blue light leads to permanent eye damage.

How To Protect Eye From Blue Light

There are various ways to avoid blue light, but the use of blue light glasses is the best way to avoid blue light. Although here we have listed a few more tips of lower the risk of blue light:

1. Limit your screen time while working

As we are living in the technologically advanced era and avoiding digital devices is nearly impossible. But you can reduce the amount of time you spend on the electronic device.

2. If your Use Device At Night Download the Blue Light Filter Apps

Numerous blue light filter applications filter the blue light and help you to reduce eye fatigue. You can download a blue light filter application from the Google play store.

3. Avoid Use Of Electronic Devices Directly Before Bedtime

Overexposure of blue light leads to restlessness and insomnia i.e,. loss of sleep. Thus it is essential to shut down your devices at-least on hours before your bedtime.

4. Blink Your Eye Regularly

When you use an electronic device, your eye blinking rate decreases. But it is necessary to blink your eye to maintain its health. Set a post-it-note on your computer screen that says “Blink”! Blinking of eyes leads to the moist and refreshments.

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