Best Protein Powder In India

best protein powder in India

With the increasing craze of being fit, you need a proper diet as it is believed that it is your diet which helps you the most in getting adequate shape. When it comes to nutrition, protein is the key. It is one of the essential nutrients that everyone needs the most. As protein is the building block of the cell. Here in this post, we are going to discuss protein and 10 best protein powder in India.

Protein is one the primary ingredient for muscle growth; thus if you’re a sportsperson or bodybuilder, then you should have access to the best protein powder in India. Although you can also fulfil your protein requirement by consuming natural protein diets but having the supplement, i.e., protein powder is the best option in India.

There are various brands of protein powder in India, and all of them claim that they manufacture the best protein powder in India. Here in this post, we have the top 10 best protein powder in India in 2020.

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List of 10 Best Protein Powder In India

  • MuscleBlaze (MB)
  • Optimum Nutrition (ON)
  • MuscleTech
  • GNC
  • Ultimate Nutrition
  • Asitis
  • Myprotein
  • Six Pack Nutrition
  • Labrada
  • Probust

What Is Protein?

Protein is one the essential requirement for building the body’s cell and muscle growth. Protein is a combination of amino acid which helps you are various aspect. Like water, your body regularly needs protein.

There is 20 amino acid and in 9 are essential for us because our body doesn’t need synthesis inside the body; thus, we need to consume in via food. Out of 9 critical amino acid, three are branched-chain amino acid (BCAA’s).

BCAA’s are much needed if you are a bodybuilder. Branched-chain amino acid stimulates the growth of the muscles and also reduces exercise-related fatigue. Consumption of best protein powder ensures the repairing of damaged tissues after an intense workout. Best protein powder manufacture in India claim that consumes off the proper amount of protein also help in repairing the damaged cell after an intense workout.

How Much Should Protein One Consume?

According to the research if a person who trained hard must consume 0.60 grams of protein to 0.85 grams of protein per pound of the body daily regularly. However, many experts do not agree with this. Some fitness expert says that the perfect amount needed for proper fitness is 0.7-0.8, and some consider 1-1.2 grams of protein is ideal for it.

Thus you can say that different people have different opinion and theory on protein consumption. The amount of consumption of protein also depends upon the gender of the people. Male should consume more amount of protein as compared to the female.

Benefits Of Best Protein Powder In India

There are various brands of protein powder in India and all of the claim that their product is best. But selecting the best protein powder is essential as it provides several advantages such as-

  • It helps in muscle growth
  • Consumption of the proper amount of protein helps in the hormone, enzyme, and other chemical secretion
  • Protein also helps in repairing of the cell get damaged after an intense workout
  • Best protein powder consumption also helps you in weight loss and weight gain

10 Best Protein Powder In India

1. MuscleBlaze Whey Gold

It is one of the best protein powder in India for all fitness freak. This best protein powder in India is one of the advanced protein supplement, which has been manufactured by using the best and raw materials. It contains whey protein, which supports muscle growth.

muscleblaze gold

Key Nutrients Present In MuscleBlaze Whey Protein

  • It delivers 25gm protein per serving (30gm)
  • MuscleBlaze whey Gold protein powder also contains 1.65 gm carbs, 4.38gm glutamic acid, 5.4gm BCAA, and 0.46 fats
  • Beside these nutriments, MuscleBlaze Whey protein also contains 11.7gm EAAs for raid synthesis and recovery

The presence of these nutrients in MuscleBlaze makes it one of the best protein powder in India among the gym freaks.

2. Optimum Nutrition (ON)

Optimum nutrition is one of the best and leading sports brand which offers top quality and genuine nutrition supplement. Along with whey protein, Optimum nutrition also manufactures mass gainers, weight gainers, pre-workout supplement and even more. Due to the high product range, Optimum nutrition is the most popular and trusted brands which bring the best protein powder in India. The Optimum Nutrition Gold standard contains whey protein isolate with ultra-filter protein that offers 24gm of protein each serving.

Optimum nutrition whey protein is formulated with BCAAs, Leucine, Isoleucine, and valine, which promote protein synthesis and reduce fatigue in the body. Optimum nutrition is best protein powder in India because it provides optimum BCAAs and avoids muscle loss. Thus Optimum Gold standard whey protein is the best protein powder in India among the fitness freak. It contains 24gm protein, 5.5gm BCAAs, and 3gm carbohydrates in per serving (30gm).

optimum nutrition whey protein

Key Nutrition Present In Optimum Nutrition

  • It provides a 24gm protein per serving (30gm)
  • Optimum nutrition contain 5.5g BCAAs and 3g of carbohydrates in per 30g or per serving
  • Also contains Leucine, Isoleucine, and valine, which stimulate protein synthesis and maintain optimum muscle

3. MuscleTech



4. GNC


5. Ultimate Nutrition

ultra nutrition

6. Asitis


7. Myprotein


8. Six Pack Nutrition


9. Labrada


10. Probust

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While having the best protein powder in India, you need to understand what you are looking for. Most of the people randomly buy protein powder without knowing their body needs. If you are a beginner, then you should go for those protein powder, which increases help you to get proper nutrition. But if you are a regular gym freak, then protein powder with high protein concentration will be best for you.

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