CBD OIL: What It Is, How To Use It, And Its Health Benefits

CBD (cannabidiol) is a trending ingredient in the retail health industry. CBD is one of the compounds in the Cannabis Sativa plant. It is non-intoxicating, non-psychoactive, and can be applied to the body in several forms. Oils, edibles, cream, and capsules are the most common application forms used in applying CBD to the body.


As previously mentioned, CBD oil is one product that can be applied to the body. It, too, has four primary methods of application. Ingestion, inhalation, sublingual, and topical are the four common ways to use CBD-oil in or on the body.

Since CBD-oil can be taken in a variety of ways, the demand for the product has tremendously increased. Varying concentrations of CBD are found in CBD-oils to fit a number of health and lifestyle needs.

Similar to ingesting vitamins and other supplements, CBD-oil can be ingested into the body in various ways. Capsules, edibles, and beverages are typical methods of ingesting CBD-oil. When ingested in this matter, CBD-oil passes through the digestive system and is metabolized by the liver. Ultimately, the active compounds in CBD oil make its way to the bloodstream. CBD oil can be infused in food recipes as edibles or mixed into beverages.

Inhalation is another primary method in the application of CBD oil. Generally, a vaporizer is used to heat the oil enough to release its active ingredients when inhaling CBD oil. In this method, CBD enters the lungs and diffuses it directly into the bloodstream. This method bypasses the digestive system and liver metabolization process, allowing the active ingredients to quickly circulate the body. Vaporizers, commonly known as vapes, use CBD e-liquids or high-CBD concentrate in this method.

Sublingual is another method used. As the name implies, when CBD oil is administered in this matter, it is held under the tongue for about a minute or two. Timing is specific due to the time it takes your body to absorb the active ingredients in CBD oil. Consuming it via sublingual will allow the active ingredients to interact with your body quicker. This method also allows CBD-oil to bypass the digestive system and liver metabolization process. It quickly enters the bloodstream for a quicker effect. Tinctures, like those offered at Nectar CBD Oil Products, are typically the type of product used in sublingual applications of CBD oil.

Lastly, applying CBD oil topically is another primary method of application to the body. This type of method allows CBD oil to be applied directly to the skin. In this method, CBD-oil is applied directly unto the skin and is absorbed through the skin to immediately interact with the cells near the surface. Applying CBD-oil, topically, will not enter the bloodstream and is ideal for isolated pain or skin-related conditions.

Beneficial Effects

Whichever method is chosen in the application of CBD oil to the body, patients will see and feel beneficial effects from it.

As previously mentioned, CBD-oil can alleviate pain. It is a natural pain reliever. Stiffness, arthritis pain, and pain associated with multiple sclerosis are only to mention a few types of pain that are relieved by using CBD oil.

Along with alleviating pain, CBD-oil can also lessen the effects of smoking cessation and drug withdrawals. Additionally, it also helps treat seizures, epilepsy, ADHD, anxiety, and depression to just mention a few. CBD oil also aids in combating diabetes, acne, and cancer.

CBD oil has many beneficial effects on the body no matter the chosen application method. However, as with any health-related product, speak with your physician or other healthcare professionals to seek appropriate dosage recommendations.

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