Smoking is Injurious to Health – How to Stop Underage Smoking


Smoking can have horrible impacts on your health as it can make you suffer from heart diseases, skin problems, throat cancer and lung cancer. Overlooking all these smoking dangers, the teenagers put their health at risk by starting smoking at a very early age. The high school students start smoking as a fashion but fail at the end of the day when they try to get rid of this curse.

The researches indicate the excessive use of cigarettes among teenagers. According to Food & Drug Administration, more than 3200 teenagers start smoking every day. More than 1.5 million packs of cigarette are purchased by youngsters every year. Almost one in five high school students use tobacco rated products.

If we closely analyze the damages of smoking, more than 480,000 deaths have been happened in US only. One in five deaths in America is caused by smoking. A smoker dies 13 years earlier than non-smokers. There are 28 types of chemicals in tobacco which cause cancer. There is not even a single reason that justifies the use of cigarette smoking.

Parents are needed to protect their children from underage smoking to give them a healthy life. Do not allow your kids to start smoking and abusing other substances. However, if your kid is a casual smoker and you are not aware of it, the whole situation may end up leaving him a smoking addict or more severely a chain smoker.

How to Know Your Teen is Secret Smoker

Parents should monitor teens’ activities to protect them from the threats prevailing in the real and cyber world. However, it is not possible to stay with your children all the time to protect them. This is where technology can help. There are several technologies that enable parents to keep tabs on the activities of their children. No matter where you are and what the time is, you can be virtually present around your children with the help of mobile phone applications and software.

There are mobile phone monitoring apps that allow tracking the online and offline activities of teenagers. Once you install the app on the mobile phone of your kid, you can track every activity performed on and around the monitored cell phone. It also lets you know if your kid is a smoker or involved in any misconduct.

How Mobile Phone Spy App Helps

The cell phone spy app enables parents to monitor and manage the mobile phones of their children. It allows parents to use mobile phone of kids as bugging device and monitor their surroundings. TheOneSpy cell phone tracking and parental control app enables parents to monitor the surroundings of their children to find out where they are and what they are doing.

The bugging feature of the cell phone spy app lets you operate the targeted mobile phone. You can send a command to the monitored cell phone to capture and record the surrounding events. By logging into the online control panel of the spyware app, you can send command to the targeted device to turn on camera and let you see what is happening around. Also, you can operate the microphone of the targeted cell phone to listen to the conversations.

How to Monitor Teens’ Parties for Smoking Prevention

The private parties of teens are the place where mostly teenagers start smoking and abusing other substances. Parents are needed to monitor the private parties of their children to prevent them from getting involved in misconduct. The mobile phone spy app lets you supervise the secretive activities of your children by tracking their cell phones. You can turn on the camera and microphone of the targeted cell phone to see what is happening in the party. If you find your kids lightening up cigarettes, you being forced by someone for smoking, you can call them back home.

Similarly, you can monitor social media accounts of your children to detect if there is any activity related to smoking. Usually, teens post their photos on social media to show off their smoking skills. Parents can keep tabs on such activities to become aware of their kids’ unhealthy interests. Once you become aware of the facts, it becomes easier to combat the situation by taking timely decisions.

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