Some Tips About Back Pain you Should Know

Millions of American are suffering from back pain, and it is also the leading disability in people younger than 45. Many reasons can cause back pain. It can occur from injury, activity, & some medical conditions. Pain in the back can affect people of any age, for different reasons — the chance of getting back increases with the developing age.

Pain in the lower back may be due to the bony lumbar spine, discs between the vertebrae, ligaments around the spine & discs, spinal cord and nerves, lower back muscles, abdominal & pelvic internal organs, & the skin around the lumbar area whereas the pain in the upper back due to the disorder of the aorta, tumors in the chest, and spine inflammation.

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Factors Which Can Causes Back Pain

Here is the list of some elements which are linked to the higher risk of developing low back pain. Find them:

  • Pregnancy
  • Poor physical fitness
  • Obesity
  • Older age
  • Excess body weight
  • Smoking
  • Genetic factor
  • Some medical factors such as Arthritis and cancer

The chance of lower back is higher in women as compared to the men it is due to the hormonal factors. There are some other factors which are associated with back pain are stress, anxiety, and mood disorders.

Some Home Remedies To Avoid Back Pain Or Neck Pain

Back pain can ruin your whole day plan and can also interrupt day to day life. Lower back pain is one of the widespread problems. Several types of research says that there are more than 80-84% chance that you’ll get back pain in your lifetime. Most of the time people ignore their back pain, but it is not something which you shouldn’t ignore all the time or wait for it to get resolved on its own.

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Neck pain can also become one of the huge issues and make your most comfortable work seems mountainous. A pain in the neck can cause a sharp and dull ache in the neck and shoulder reason. It may also cause numbness, headache, stiffness, & difficulty while eating.

Although there is a various way to get rid of back or neck pain, we’re going to discuss some home remedies to get rid of the back pain. These are

1. Regular Exercise

Regular back pain exercise helps you to lose your muscle which is one of the effective ways to reduce back pain. Thus walking, running, Yoga, and other no weight exercise is better to back as well as neck pain. Everyday exercise stimulates the secretion of the endorphins, which a natural body painkiller, which helps the body to reduce the pain.

2. Heat & Cold Therapy

Several studies exhibited that heat & cold are one of the effective ways to reduce back pain or neck pain. Applying ice pack may be very useful but use it just after the injury such as stain. Using an ice pack wrapped in a towel directly to the back can reduce inflammation if any whereas applying heating pad also helps you to avoid stiff or strain in the muscles. You can also use a hot water bottle or heat cloth or bag if you don’t have a heating pad.

3. Touching Toes

Stretching your hamstrings or muscles can be very helpful to lose your muscle hence you should try this step. Bend forward and touch your toes and repeat it 10-15 time will help to lose the muscles in the lower back. You can also try this listed pose

  • Cobra pose: Lye on your stomach and gently lift your chest with the help of your hand so that the top your head points toward the ceiling but ensure that your faces down beside the shoulder
  • Cat-Cow Pose: Beginning on your hands & knees, now slowly alternate between arching your back toward the ceiling & dipping it toward the floor.
  • Child Pose: Most of the doctor or physiotherapist advice for it so you should try this pose at your home. Seat on the keens with your keen hip-width apart now spread your knees and make sure that the your feet on the floor with the big toes touching after that bring your belly in between the thighs & your forehead to the floor and stretch your arms in front of you with the palms toward the floor or bring it back alongside your legs with the palms facing upwards

4. Red Light Therapy

Red light therapy is used to activate and stimulate the body’s natural healing ability, significantly reducing back pain. Various red light therapy research exhibited that red light is used to relieve mild to severe back pain.

I hope that this post will help you to avoid your back pain or neck pain. But if you still experience back or neck pain then doesn’t prevent it and immediately visit a back pain specialist. You can also look for home remedies treatment option for back pain.

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