7 Simple & Healthy Habits for Healthy and Longer Life


Ageing is not a sign of disease, it is a fact of life. As we get older, our body experience many natural changes in such as hair turn white, harder to see and hear, weaknesses and so one. But by following proper health routines and opt healthy habits will promote longevity. Whereas, unhealthy living habits such as smoking and drinking compounds may increase the risk.

Many researchers have discovered that people who live longer is the result of how they eat, perform regular activities, and manage their health issues. So, it is crucial to maintain health habits.

Our body only responds to good. This is the only way to live longer. The human body is more connected with nature it similar to the other organisms in the body and have a life span, by practice healthy living habit you can enhance your longevity and may fight with the early sign of ageing.

There are many issues which can be solved only by ensuring proper nutrition, implementing vaccination programs and performing physical exercise or activities.

Few Healthy Habits We Should Follow

If you have parents and grandparents in your family and you want them to live longer then allow them to follow these 7 simple healthy habits and see how long they expect to live.

#1. Never Stop Working  

Researchers found that the people who stop working abruptly may at higher risk of ageing. If they stop working immediately may experience severe health problems like high blood pressure, inflammation, diabetes, and other chronic diseases. People who retire from their jobs may hardly go out and meet their friends this is the result they stay depressed, talk less with people and may get aged early as compared to the people who never retire.

#2. Eat Healthy and Nutritious and Fiber Rich Food

Food is a critical factor which directly counters our health internally. Including nutritious and fiber rich food in your diet will be beneficial for you in many ways. An healthy eating habit helps you in numerous ways such as helps you to decrease the chances of constipation, maintain blood sugar levels and lowers cholesterol levels. High fiber rich diet also reduces the risk of colorectal cancer and promote longevity.

#3. Indulge Into More Activities

Exercises and physical activities are the real foundation of your healthy living. Several research exhibited that the people who spend at least 30 minutes in walking, running, cycling and or performing yoga are more active and live longer. Exercises help to improve your mood, mental alertness, balance, muscle mass and strengthens your overall body. If you are not able to practice extreme core exercises, then do yoga. It can give you similar strength- training effects.

#4. Minimum 7-hour sleep Is Must

Sleep is also very crucial to function that our body performs to heal cells and retain energy back into the shape. Proper sleeping or rest can help your body to maintain blood sugar levels and strengthen your immune system. It also lower the risk of heart diseases. You should also know that the proper sleeping will replenish you and make you ready for another day and promote longevity.

#5. Avoid Supplements

It is proven that consumption of healthy diet which contains Vitamins, Minerals, selenium, and beta-carotene instead of supplements will help you to live a long and healthy life. All the green vegetables, fruits, grains are rich in nutrition slower rate of cognitive decline. So instead of taking synthetic supplements rely on nutritious-rich food for healthy living. 

#5. Stay Positive

Researchers exhibited that the people who always stay connected with their friends, family and think positive live longer. People who avoid stress, don’t consume alcohol or smoke and meditate regularly live a longer healthy life and compared to others. Meditation keeps your mind fresh and focused.

#6. Go For Routine Checkups

Human body is so sensitive and easily get affected with any external and internal factors and some diseases don’t even show any symptoms, so it is essential to go for routine checkups. It will help you to know more about your health conditions and give you a peace of mind that you are fine. You can best general physician in India for the routine checkups for you and your family.

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