How Much TDS In Water Is Good For Health?

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Well, various organizations and experts have varying opinions on this. However, WHO suggests water having TDS 300mg/l is considered good for the health. But according to the BIS (Bureau Of Indian Standard) and various water purifier organizations, water having TDS less than 500mg/l and 50-150mg/l respectively is good for health.

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Don’t worry, and this post is all about “How Much TDS In Water Is Good For Health.” So if you are concerned about your drinking water quality and TDS concentration, this post is for you. We recommend you to read this article till the end.

Before we proceed further, let’s discuss what is TDS and how to check water TDS?.

What Is TDS & How Much TDS Is Good For Health?

Total dissolved solids result from both organic and inorganic substances present in the water. The major substances that contribute to high TDS levels in water are Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Potassium, Chloride, Aluminium, Copper, Iron, Fluoride, and others.

Although these compounds are needed for the human body’s presence, a heavy concentration of these compounds becomes hazardous for health, so the various organizations have limited the drinking water TDS, and consumption of water having optimum TDS ensures good health.

Below we have tabulated the TDS level and its status according to human health. So go through the table and know how much TDS in water is good for health

TDS Level In Water


Less than 50

Not acceptable for consumption


Excellent!! Ideal for those areas where water is polluted by sewage and industrial waste


Good! This range of TDS in water is perfect for those having Cardiovascular disease, i.e., Heart Disease


Fairly Accepted- You can drink water having TDS 300-500 but not on the regular basis


Less Acceptable- It is advised to avoid drinking water having TDS 500-900



More than 1200

Unacceptable, people are not permitted to consume water having TDS of more than 1200

According to WHO and BIS, water having TDS 300mg/L, and 500mg/L respectively is good for human health.


Importance Of TDS In Water

Having optimum TDS in water is crucial because it ensures the optimum level of essential minerals in the water. But when the water TDS level goes high than the average level, the water becomes unsafe for consumption. Because in this condition, the level of the essential minerals rises, and an elevated level of minerals leads to various health issues. 

The human body quickly absorbs the essential minerals in the water. Thus, it makes humans healthy. So people are advised to drink water with normal and healthy TDS water levels. In this article, I’ve tabulated different levels of TDS in water which you can check and then adjust the water TDS level according to that. 

How To Reduce TDS In Water?

Various water purification systems can help you reduce TDS levels in the water so that you can install any of them. But the traditional purification system doesn’t allow you to control the water TDS level manually.

Yes, the old technology-based purification system automatically reduces the TDS level by 90-95% from the raw water, but with the advancement in technology now, you can manually control your water TDS level.

Do you know what is MTDS in a water purifier?

MTDS is a reference as a Manual TDS controller that enables you to adjust your drinking water TDS according to your requirement. If your water purifier does not have the MTDS feature, immediately contact your purifier service provider and ask about MTDS features.

Why Water TDS Is Crucial For Health?

The effect of TDS level in water goes beyond the alteration of Taste. Any alternation of total dissolved solids, either too high or too low, may affect your health. Below we have listed some of the repercussions of abnormal TDS levels in water

#1. Effect On Human Health

Studies show that an unhealthy level of TDS in water may lead to coronary heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases. It also leads to the various other health issues like

  • Nausea
  • Lungs irritation
  • Rashes
  • Dizziness
  • Diarrhea

Drinking contaminated water leads to various kinds of waterborne diseases. Annually millions of people lose their life due to water-related diseases. Read "Number of people losing their life due to waterborne diseases in India".

#2. Drinking-Water Taste

A high level of TDS in water makes it saltier, and sometimes it may taste bitter depending upon the compound present in the water. On the other hand, low TDS water will not taste sometimes; low TDS water may taste like sweet water.

Water having TDS less than 50mg/L is considered unhealthy for human consumption, so don't consume water having TDS less than 50mg/L

#3. Cooking

With the alteration in the water TDS, the food taste also gets disturbed. Cooking water is the basic need, and almost all dishes require water. Therefore, a slight change is the water taste can lead to a change in the final dish taste.

Final Verdict

Water is our basic need, from brain functioning to waste removal from the body. We need water. Thus, the medical professional suggests that we regularly consume a sufficient amount of water.

Drinking water having high TDS may lead to various health issues like vomiting, diarrhea, Typhoid, and others. So always check your drinking water TDS level in the water, and before consumption, ensure that your drinking water is good for your health.

In the above section we have discussed how much TDS in water is good for health. So, we hope your queries related to “how much TDS in water is good for health” is clear now. If still have any question regarding how much TDS in water is good for health then leave your comment below.

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