Several conditions you need to know before going for Infertility treatments!

Infertility is just like a bad chapter of life but with recent innovation, it is possible to erase the problem and write a good one. It becomes imperative to see a doctor if all the attempts are in vain and if the female partner is still not able to conceive even after one year of trying through natural intimacy.

Worldwide numerous males and females go through problems of infertility. The problems of infertility are not going to solve on its own, you will need to take expert advice for the same. Worldwide millions of couple choose IVF and are successful in getting healthy babies.

According to Health Canada, a 30-year-old woman has a 90 percent chance of getting pregnant. That chance drops to 77 percent by age 35 and 55 percent if you are 40 or older.

In what conditions you may need to take consultation with your doctor?

1. Irregular Menstrual Cycle

It becomes extremely difficult to track on the ovulation days. The disturbed cycle is a hint to problems like PCOS, increased thyroid problems or endometriosis however the final call over it is taken only after seeing your medical reports and expert advice of doctors. After a thorough medical conditions test and best of infertility treatments are suggested.

2. Age factors

After the age of 35 years it becomes utmost difficult to conceive because the ovaries don’t release the egg. Through fertility drugs or hormonal injections, the production of eggs can be increased unto body systems.

3. Male Infertility

Improper shape of sperm, no sperm movement or less sperm count is some of the problems of male infertility. Using the donor sperms there are chances of giving happiness to female partner a joy of having a child.  Even if the IUI treatments fail there are higher chances of getting the positive results through IVF treatment.

4. Unexplained infertility

Sometimes timings could become a major cause of concern or other problems to can take a larger share of life. In process of In-vitro fertilization directly the egg and sperm are combined in the lab. In uterus of body systems growing embryos are directly placed.

5. Low or improper movement of sperm

The deadlines and wants of life could be hectic even for personal life and intimacy. If facing difficulty in ejaculation or the male partner is having the problem of low sperm count or if problems with not moving of the sperm in the proper direction, then doctors might suggest going for ICSI treatments. In this procedure, the sperm is directly injected into an egg. First, this procedure is carried out in the lab and thereafter when the fertilized egg gets ready it is directly placed in a woman’s uterus through an IVF process.

6. Repeated episodes of miscarriage

Egg quality does matter in conceiving and having a full-term pregnancy. Generally, the donor eggs can be vital and effective in fulfilling the dream. These processes are generally recommended to females who are above 40 years of age or have repeated episodes of failure in IVF treatments. In these procedures, the combination of donor eggs and sperm of male partner is done. If procedures work out to be positive then the male partner could have the bliss of having a biological child.

7. Things to note when going for infertility treatments

There are multiple procedures and steps involved in infertility treatment. It may 2 weeks to four months of time depending on the body to respond to the treatments. Mood swings too could be part and parcel of your infertility treatments.

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