What is Halitosis? Causes, Remedies & Treatments


One thing that can be more embarrassing than that green spinach strewn all over your chompers happens to be bad breath.  This condition is medically known as halitosis. About 1 in every five people suffer from halitosis and many people who think they have this problem actually don’t have it.

Halitosis happens to involve a foul odor that emanates from the mouth. It is not a medical emergency but about 25-30 percent of the world’s population experience this problem. Research has brought forth the fact that after tooth decay and gum ailment it is halitosis for which people seek dental care the most.

There are simple home remedies with the help of which you can actually cure this problem. If the bad breath persists then, however, it is advisable that you check out the oral and overall causes and conditions for getting rid of it.

Causes of Halitosis

Here are some of the potential causes of halitosis. Just read on.

  • Food –

Mouth odor can be caused by the breakdown of the food particles that are stuck in the teeth. There are certain foods like the garlic and the onions that can give rise to bad breath. After they are digested the products that are broken down are carried to the lungs by the blood, and that is the source of bad breath.

  • Tobacco –

The tobacco products cause a unique type of mouth odor. Moreover, they also surge the chances of bad breath that can cause gum disease.

  • Dry Mouth –

The saliva naturally cleanses the mouth. If the mouth is naturally dry due to the specific diseases like xerostomia, a foul smell can build up and result in bad breath.

  • Drugs –

Certain medications can increase the odors by reducing the production of saliva. Other drugs can also produce odors as they release chemicals in the breath after breaking down. The examples include certain chemotherapy chemicals, nitrates used to treat angina as well as some tranquilizers like phenothiazines. The individuals taking vitamin supplements in large doses can also be prone to bad breath.

  • Foreign Body –

The lousy breath can also be caused if they have a foreign body lodged in the nasal cavity. This is especially common among the kids.

  • Diseases –

There are ailments like liver failure, some cancers as well as specific metabolic illnesses that can give rise to halitosis because of certain particular mixes of chemicals that they produce. The GERD or the Gastroesophageal reflux disease can cause the bad breath due to the regular reflex of stomach acids.

Remedies of Halitosis

You should brush, floss and rinse. Though it is effortless, it is undoubtedly the best remedy that helps against bad breath. After understanding the cause of the bad breath, you can start to follow the proper steps to combat bad breath.

  • Brush Twice for 2 Minutes –

You should opt for a proficient electric toothbrush and brush for 2 minutes twice a day for removing the plaque bacteria. You should follow that up with a good brushing of the tongue. You should also brush the back of the tongue where the most odor-causing bacteria are found.

  • Use a Mouthwash –

You should use a mouthwash that fights the odor-causing bacteria found in certain foods to keep the mouth fresh.

  • Chew Sugarless Gums –

For greater saliva production you should chew the sugarless gums. Eating the mint happens to be a temporary solution but a method that is less recommended as it can leave behind a sugary residue.

  • Limit the Alcoholic and Caffeinated Drinks –

You should avoid the acidic and sugary drinks as well as the alcoholic and caffeinated drinks. The amount of water you need will vary by the daily activity and physical build level.

  • Floss Daily –

You should floss daily for preventing the food particles from getting entrapped and enhance the build-up of plaque.


There are no particular therapeutic tools for treating halitosis like teeth braces that can be derived at the best teeth braces price at your nearest dental clinic for straightening your teeth. You can follow the above simple techniques for preventing bad breath.

Bad breath that has no cause can indicate other issues in the body. So if your dentist rules out any oral problem giving rise to it, you should see your doctor for an assessment. Bad breath can be a symptom of some critical ailments including diabetes, chronic sinusitis or bronchitis, respiratory tract infections and kidney, and liver problems and so you should not ignore it.

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