Every Women Should Know About PCOS


PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) is the most common problem especially in teen girls and young women. It’s a hormonal disorder that affects millions of girls and women’s life and at least 50% of women suffering from this disease. This created lots of problem in your ovaries. The ovaries show small cysts in women’s ovaries, As a result, the women with this disease show symptoms like irregular or scanty periods, fertility problems, insulin resistance, mood swings, depression, acne, excessive facial hair growth, weight gain and much more. If your mother has PCOS then you will definitely chance to have it but don’t worry the condition can’t be cured but it can be treated.

You Know You Have PCOS When

    • Difficulty in getting pregnant
    • An irregular period that comes every month but the flow of the blood is not normal
    • Acne
    • Extra hair growth in your body parts
    • Weight gain especially around the waist
    • Pelvic Pain and depression
    • Dark spots on the back of the neck and other areas.

How Do You Diagnose With PCOS?

Find a gynecologist doctor who is an expert in it. Diagnosis is based on the combination of signs and symptoms like your blood reports, ultrasound, hormonal assays etc. There are two types of treatments available. Firstly you can consult your doctor and your doctor may give you birth control pills to regulate your period. Secondly, you can go for natural treatment. In this treatment start exercise daily and it makes your periods more normal and you feel stressed free. Your diet plays a very important role in PCOS. Avoid junk food and start eating green leafy vegetable or fruits. Control your weight and If you smoke or consuming caffeine daily then quit it today because it may imbalance your hormones. When you have PCOS you need to see your doctor regularly for your health checkups.

Finding The Right Supplements For PCOS

Vitamin D: Many women with PCOS Struggle with depression and mood swings and Vitamin D plays a very important role in PCOS. When you add vitamin D to your diet or having vitamin D supplements you feel stressed free. All you have to do is just use PinHealth coupons and save your more money on supplements.

Omega 3: omega 3 is very important for those women’s who are suffering from PCOS. Omega 3 helps you to increased frequency of periods and menstrual cycles. It decreases your cholesterol level and lowers testosterone levels. It improves your fertility and chances of getting pregnant. Also, it manages hair growth and improves acne. Start with one supplement at a time and take them for at least 2-3 months.

Things Which You Need To Know

When your doctor says that you have PCOS you will feel depressed or sad so listen to them properly and makes sure that you will take all the medications prescribed to regulate your periods or other health problems. When you have PCOS you will have a slightly higher chance of developing diabetes so always check your blood sugar test once a year. So stay strong and stay positive.

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